November Kozmic Guidance - A Time of Creative Expansion


This month is a cosmic dream, filled with fire fueled expansion and etheric creativity. We have an extraordinarily helpful Mercury retrograde (yes, you read that right) that will help you heal up and settle down as planets go direct, the moon is dancing this month to take you deep then expand and get curious. Here’s to finding your flow this month, going deep then bursting out the way you have always needed and wanted to. Are you ready? Mark your calendars!

November 6th - Uranus retrograde Enters Aries

Uranus has been retrograde since the beginning of August. The planet of change, freedom, rebellion, and unexpected situations enters fiery and self interested Aries until March. Retrogrades typically bring us back to the past to heal situations we haven’t yet. Embrace the courageous side of Aries over the competitive one, and the honest side over the headstrong one. Now is the time to channel Uranus’s rebellious vibe with Aries’ fire and do things differently.

November 7th - New Moon in Scorpio

Happy new moon! The new moon is all about going in, starting new, getting clear on what you need, and planting the seeds to attain it. Intense, Scorpio energy is channeled even more inward with a highlight on rebirth, transformation, and deep emotions. What are you feeling? What is coming up for you? These emotions come up for you to feel and heal, not to numb. This is a deeply healing new moon if you are willing to process through the intensity that may come up for you. Channel all of that desire and passion into creativity. Express yourself fully in a healthy way. Scorpio energy craves depth and getting to the bottom of things, so use this opportunity to not treat the symptoms of the problem you are facing, but to get to the root of it and nourish it. Understand your desires and feelings and enter your own darkness. The moon will guide you home.

November 8th - Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and usually associated with luck and serendipity. Jupiter expands everything, our horizons, our perspectives, our quest for new things so we can indulge in a higher perspective. Paired with Sagittarius, whose natural ruler is Jupiter, this harmonious pairing will lead you on a quest to find your faith in the world and find a renewed understanding of what it means to be alive, here, and now. Talk to others, research different cultures’ ideas of philosophy, morality, and religion. Dig deep and dive in to another experience. This is a time to get spiritual and to have faith in the world and in something higher. Think balance, inspiration, connection, and humility.

November 15th - Mars Enters Pisces

When I think of Pisces, I think of an etheric, deep romance with the cosmos. Piscean nature is highly emotionally driven, being influenced deeply by the energy around them. Pisces is a water sign, and very different than fiery Mars, the planet of action, assertion, and force. What does this mean for you? Over the next few weeks, expect to crave something more than just yourself. Your energy might be directed toward the more spiritual side of life. Mars asks us a very important question — what do we fight for and protect? Pisces, a deep compassionate humanitarian sign, may guide is in the direction of what our social justice is. What are service is to something higher and to this world. Channel all this energy into creativity and showing up for others in an empowered, compassionate, and strong way.

November 16th -Venus Direct/ Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius  

Good news, lovers — Venus is now direct. After 40 long days, all that negative self talk or self-image issues, romantic flare ups, and tricky relationship hurdles are settling down. Take a deep breath and let the dust settle after that whirlwind. How did this show up in your life? Did you make up? Did you break up? Did you break down? Rise up? The good news is, Mercury retrograde is actually here to help you asses that.

Yes, you heard me right. This mercury retrograde period is all about thinking about the past, thinking about your judgement calls, your choices and decisions, and seeing if it is working for you. Many people think about Mercury retrograde as a pain, and sometimes there are inconveniences attached. Take note of those set backs — they are usually the first indication that you have to reassess. Since it is in sunny, optimistic, Sagittarius, known for their adventure and quest for truth, get to the bottom of your own truth with a sense of humor and curiosity over judgement. Now is also a good time to own up to your mistakes and make peace with others and with yourself, the ultimate way to achieve harmony.

November 22nd — Sun enters Sagittarius

Happy solar return, sweet Sagittarius! When the sun enters Sagittarius, expect a fire in your heart to guide you to new adventures and truth. Now is the time to be open to receiving and discovering. This is a time of newness, optimism, and expansion. Where do you want to go? What have you been curious about? Now is the time to follow is and break down your own walls. Sagittarius energy is known for being lucky and filled with faith. You are about to go on a journey… where do you choose to go? Happy pioneering!

November 23rd - Full Moon in Gemini

Full moon equals lots of energy. In curious and stimulating Gemini, this moon is calling you to get innovative, get talkative, go out and be social or stay in and do research. This is a good time to “find your people” — try and talk to or see people who you feel just “get it”. The full moon is about release, so maybe now is your opportunity to release ideas and relationships that are making you feel limited or negative. This could be graceful if you move forward with compassion and respect. Remember, everyone is in their own experience, facing their own hardships. Most of us are trying our best. But that does not mean you have to give them any of your energy if it is draining you. Take a step back with the utmost compassion. Nourish yourself by connecting with others who feel like they charge you up, not drain your battery. With the sun in Sagittarius, you might find this group soon if you don’t see it around now.

November 24th — Neptune Direct in Pisces

Neptune turns direct in dreamy Pisces. Have you been finding your own, unique definition of spirituality since June? What was that journey like for you? This retrograde period has focused on the self and growth, and past memories and trauma may have come up for you to heal, especially focused on spiritual or collective issues. Now is the time to integrate those lessons and healing and settle down. Neptune is known as the planet of dreaminess and illusion as well, so when Neptune is retrograde, illusion is lifted and you are left to see truth. What veils were lifted for you during this time? Neptune in Pisces is deeply creative and intuition, artistic, and healing come with more ease and grace now.

Happy journeying through this cosmic month, loves. Remember to always take care of yourself and use the cosmos to guide your self-care. How are you feeling about the energy of this month? Comment below!