Ceremony, Tools, and Tips for the New Moon in Scorpio

When was the last time you felt beautifully bewildered by the moon? The moon brings out the most ancient, primal remembrances in us all. She shows us an important message — that we are nature, in constant cycles, and supported. She directly impacts nature, turning the tides of the ocean, influencing the earth's fertile soil, and affecting human and animal's physiology. When we become in tune with the moon, you embrace your wildest self. You become supercharged. You will find yourself being supported to do the self-work you would have to do anyway, but suddenly it comes with more ease and you feel truly held.

New moons are all about going in, starting new, getting clear on what you need, and planting the seeds to attain it. This new moon is in intense Scorpio, and that means the energy is channeled even more inward with a highlight on rebirth, transformation, and deep emotions.

What are you feeling? What is coming up for you? The night sky is vast and dark with new moons, and our own depth of feeling matches the landscape. In this place of darkness, we can be reborn and transform. Scorpio energy also connects us with our own unique spirituality and magic. This moon asks you — what are you ready to look at, shed, and transform?  

Nothing that comes up is an accident. Scorpio energy craves depth and getting to the bottom of things, so use this opportunity to not treat the symptoms of the problem you are facing, but to get to the root of it and nourish it. The moon is asking you to enter your own darkness — she will help guide you home. Are you ready?

Here are some tools for tonight:

Tarot Card: The Hermit

The hermit reminds you that every answer you need is in you. This card reflects going inward, taking space, and sorting out your own truth. This card matches perfectly with the Scorpion energy surround you, as it is truth-seeking and embraces the sanctity and wisdom of aloneness. This card also reminds you of the journey that you are about to embark on, a night of entering the mythic even in the mundane. Meditate on this card for a constant reminder that you can self-source and you have your own back.

Stone: Labradorite

This water stone is also known as the sorcerer’s stone. It is known to enhance your psychic ability, promote self-discovery, and acts as a guide to move between worlds. It also is known to balance out desires and emotions, something that Scorpio energy can definitely enhance. Hold this stone while you process, journal, or meditate.

Essential Oil: Frankincense

Frankincense is a powerful oil that is known to connect you to the spiritual realm while protecting and balancing you. It also is known for its deep, transformative abilities, matching right with this Scorpio new moon. There is a reason that for thousands of years, frankincense has been used in sacred ceremonies. It was gifted to Jesus on his birth, burned in many different religious ceremonies, and used in many meditative blends today. You can anoint your feet and head, put some in a diffuser, or place it in some water or oil to dilute it. As always, check with a doctor before using anything on your skin.

Herb: Mugwort

A main ingredient in the Kozmic Ryder Lucid blend, Mugwort, or Cronewort as she likes to be called, is a powerful plant ally for tonight. She is known for her incredible ability to aid in dreams, psychic awareness, spiritual development, and acts as a powerful protectress. You can drink this herb in tea, smoke it, burn it, or simply have it around you to get the essence and magic she provides. And, as a reminder, check with a doctor before ingesting an herb.

Song: From the Beginning by Emerson Lake and Palmer

This song speaks a lot of reflection on the past with a hypnotic beat. Let this song take you on a journey into your own relationship with your emotions. It also reminds you of one of the most important messages in life — you were meant to be here from the beginning.

Color —  Black

Let your candle, paper, or outfit reflect the color black. This is the color the vast night, of protection, of the unknown womb space of rebirth.

Environment and Pose

Sit down in your own space tonight. A place that grounds you and feels like home. Sit up but on the ground with your tailbone aligned. Feel free to move around — let this be your anchor.

Here’s my ritual for tonight:

Step one:

Get sensual. Put on a beautiful scent, wear something that feels nice on your skin, put on your music, get in a comfortable position, make a nourishing cup of tea. Unwind. Breathe. Feel into it. You’re here, alive, present, and about to make some magic happen for yourself. Welcome.

Step Two:

Time to get pen to paper. There is a meditative flow that happens when you physically write something out. You are able to unlock deep parts of yourself with ease.

Get out a journal or some paper and begin answering:

1) How are you feeling tonight? Why have you found yourself wanting to do a new moon ceremony?

2) Scorpio energy is about getting to the root of everything. What emotion is coming up for you to follow? Are you willing to follow that emotion until you find its root?

3) Follow all of the stories that come up behind that emotion. Maybe it is anger, and all of your experiences that have made you angry come up. Or pain, and your stories of betrayal and heartache come up. Do you see any similarities in these stories? What is the pattern?

4) Emotions like anger, fear, resentment, and pain come up to show you where your own prisons are. When you see a pattern, it can show you a core wounding that needs nurturing. While new moon and Scorpio energy brings you to the heart of your emotions, the energy also aligns with completely transforming them. That is the power of stepping into your own darkness. Fear can turn into passion, anger can turn into reflection, and pain can turn into wisdom. What have you unearthed in your patterns? Your patterns can be the root of your own strength when you get to why you do what you do and rewrite a better way to do it.

Step Three

New moon ceremonies are unique and personal, as everyone brings their own experience to the circle. This is the time to make this yours.

How do you want to nurture yourself in this moment? Do you need to yell, cry, or sing? How about dance, or lay, or sit, totally supported? Do you need to write poetry or a letter? What do you need to do to give some love to the deepest parts of yourself? How can you give yourself what you need to break your pattern? You have all the wisdom and strength you need to find your answer.

Remember that new moons are about planting seeds for the next moon cycle, and manifestation. What new pattern do you want to create for yourself?

Step Four

Take a cleansing bath or shower and let the water run over you. When you are done, watch the water spiral down the drain and let it be known that you have shed, transformed, and have been rebirthed. Feel held and cradled. You did amazing work tonight. Every time you do work to better and heal yourself, you are working to better the world and the collective.

Make tonight beautiful, make it yours. This is your night.  New moons allow me to go deep inside myself and let my truth surface. Sometimes that comes up through emotions, through ideas, or through desires… listen to them all. When I wrote out my answers to these questions, I discovered a lot about my own anxiety and insecurities. This moon has been bringing me a lot of anxiety I couldn’t necessarily place. After finding the root cause, going deep into all of the things that I was anxious about (which is never easy) I found a nugget of truth — I simply have a need to be authentic and heard. So I wrote out all of my intentions, clearly and strongly, and spoke them out loud. That was me physically and tangibly planting a seed to have my need met.

I’ll be hosting a small ceremony in Portland, Oregon — and as always, it’s free. If you can’t make it, feel free to share your experiences, truth, and perspectives by commenting below or shooting me an email and I may feature it in the next e-zine — ani@kozmicryder.com.

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