Featured Artist - November - Amparo Rojas from Worn Intentions

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Amparo Rojas and I just turned 30 this year. Born in Mexico and moved to the U.S at the age of 5. Bouncing all over the place but finally made Indiana my home for almost 10 years now! A little over 2 years ago I began to experience a shift in me. I found myself in a very dark space questioning everything, including my own self. It was almost as if my shell had completely cracked open, showing all my scars, my wounds and every single one of my fears. Shortly after the beginning of my spiritual journey, some of my hardest lessons showed up. Because of my life experiences I had to grow up at a very young age. Although my life has been one heck of a ride through all of my struggles I have always been so incredibly blessed. With the help of gemstones, an incredible support system and a higher source I have been pushed to grow strong, fierce, passionate and full of love for everything the universe has to offer. 

What inspires your work and creative process // What moves you the most? // What does painting do for you?

Have you heard of the saying - So, what's next? You heal. You grow. And you help others. I took this to heart. I knew that I needed to do my part and create art that people could identify with. One year later Worn Intentions was born - a company where I design and hand make gemstone jewelry. Creating has kept me sane, it healed me but more importantly, it allows me to connect with other souls though their own hardships. 

Do you ever feel vulnerable putting your work out there? How do you overcome it?

In the beginning it was a continuous mind/heart battle. Many times I stopped myself from posting or sharing my work. I often felt others were better or my work wasn't good enough. There were plenty of these days but slowly I realized this isn't a competition; its a union. We are all in this together, in our own ways, with our own art, moving forward with love and teaching others to do the same.  

Do have any advice or words of wisdom for other creatives?

I have so many quotes, so many references I could share but the one thing that I always tell people is "Whatever you do, do it with love and passion in your heart. The blessings will come after but passion is what will keep you going. You can create all day long but if your art isn't being helping or making a positive impact then what's the point?"

What do you want your art to do for those experiencing it?

Gemstones and crystals have been used throughout thousands of years in mediation and prayer. They are believed to have healing energies. I wanted to keep the concept of gemstones and incorporate their intention into my pieces. I often refer to my pieces as Intentions because each and every single one of us has an intention (things to heal, work on, goals etc) we carry these intentions in our minds and our hearts all day every day. I believe these crystals can magnify, relieve, aid emotions and thought patterns. These jewelry pieces serve as a friendly reminder of the things we wish to accomplish- hence Worn Intentions. The purpose of my jewelry is to inspire feelings of love, peace and beauty, both inside and out. My mission is to show others that if I could rise, they can too. Like I mentioned earlier this world is beginning to shift and it's not "you vs me" anymore but more of  "I'm here for you, what can I do and how can I help."

Anything else you want to share?

Not once in my life had I made a single piece of jewelry. I went to a music/yoga festival and saw a friend wearing a gemstone necklace I couldn't afford. I went back home, bought some crystals, youtubed it and made my necklace! One crystal led to another and here we are. 

You can check out more of Amparo’s work and stories on her Instagram and her Etsy!

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