August Reflections with The High Priestess Tarot Card

Delve deep with The High Priestess guided by artist of KOZMIC RYDER and Tarot reader Tate Eknaian.

To access the oracle, you must allow reality to sleep. What makes you a mystic? To be awake in your unconscious mind. Let that contradiction wash over you. Approaching the hidden answers is jarring, embrace every bit of it.  

This month I feel called to focus on Tarot card 2 of the Major Arcana, The High Priestess. Let’s get to know her, after all, she is in all of us. To get your mind at the right angle, I want you to visualize with me: looking into the eyes of someone you love and trust. I know you know that feeling of seeing a flash of someone’s vulnerable, genuine self through the eye’s portal. Allow those eyes to transform into your own. You are gazing into your eyes, your truth. Who is upstairs? Your High Priestess lives up there, sitting still and balanced. She represents the Divine Feminine aspect in all of us. The High Priestess is like a bouncer at a club - the club being your dark and mysterious subconscious. How do you gain access to your innermost self? Don’t count on her to get your attention, you will have to discern when it’s time to approach her. TIP: She is always ready for you. She is the loyal gatekeeper of your shadow self- quiet and calm. Ruled by the moon, she guards uncharted waters with potent, esoteric knowledge. Her power comes from observing, rather than interfering. She wants to show you your hidden thoughts, feelings, and potential. The world sees our outward expression, our sunshine. It’s easy to grasp ourselves as we show up in society, rather than ourselves alone. But what about our moonshine? The secrets, shadows and intuitive knowledge? When you pull The High Priestess, it may be a sign for you to delve into that good stuff, and go much deeper than what you are used to. She is not interested in the surface level, that is not her domain. She wants you to contemplate what’s hiding behind her veil. When you are ready, close your eyes and go there. What do you find? What is hidden? How does it make you feel to approach this territory? Is she offering you spiritual guidance? Take note of all that you find, feel and search for. It’s not easy to accept ourselves fully, but keep visiting her. Keep going back until you can skip-whistle right on in there. Here is the beauty in this: YOU ARE THE HIGH PRIESTESS. Getting to know her means getting to know yourself. We are very complex individuals, the more we know the better, right? Get curious about your inner voice.

"Go look at your eyes, they're full of moon" — Joni Mitchell

The High Priestess

Astro Ruler: Moon

Element: Water

Number: 2 - Balance, duality, uniting energies, receptivity, feminine

Stone: Moonstone, Labradorite

Your tools: Intuition, patience, imagination, observance, composure.

Consider the song “Astral Weeks” by Van Morrison. Close your eyes and get lost in it.

With love and encouragement,  Tate

How is the High Priestess showing up in your life? Where can you apply her teachings and meanings in your world? Please share your thoughts, experiences, perspectives, and truth below.