Tarot Card of the Month - October



A force is present in you. Can you feel your eyes turning red? The need for control is calling, assume the position. Tap into your system, you can run through mazes with precision.    

It is October and the card is THE EMPEROR. The fourth card of the Major Arcana. Now is the time to set things in motion- but with logic, reason and confidence. Reign in your personal power and use it to guide with stable mind. I am picturing big strong hands, the color burgundy and a blueprint for a house. Was there one person in your life that could really drive the point home? Who could command and give you good advice to run with? If so, close your eyes and feel the energy of that person- they have innate Emperor tendencies. Connecting these strong Tarot archetypes to real people in your life help you to feel the impact of the card in a more personal way. There are times in life when a solid plan is needed. When you know you need to pick up the slack, and figure out a way from point A to point B, right? Enter The Emperor with his crown and staff. He’s draped in red and guarded by Rams. Seems pretty intimidating huh? He just wants to give you direction. He is a man of strong conviction, with helpful ideas and no time for wandering. He is the Father of the Major Arcana, counterpart to The Empress.

This month, let’s think about structure, and what it means to be efficient. Embody The Emperor and ask yourself what the best plan of attack is. Weigh all options, consider all perspectives, test out strategies. The Emperor wants you to step into a place of authority and own it. We all have it in us! He is very orderly, and likes to compartmentalize things. Could you benefit from this? While you ponder the fourth card of the Major Arcana, let’s not lose sight of the Strength card from last month. Be a force, but be kind. Work smarter, but don’t lose heart. Close your eyes and imagine you are approaching The Emperor. Are you comfortable or uneasy? This helps to establish what his role should be for you right now. With Tarot, we always want to consider all sides. Should we embrace the qualities of the card? Are we overdoing the qualities of the card? Should I keep my eyes open for a leader like The Emperor to come into my life or am I The Emperor? Ask these questions. This is such a great dialogue to have with yourself and your path will start to fold out. You will be surprised at how intuitive you are.

“Surely some revelation is at hand

Surely it's the second coming

And the wrath has finally taken form

For what is this rough beast

Its hour come at last”

-Joni Mitchell


Astro Ruler: Aries

Element: Fire

Number: 4 - Stability, direction, safety, roots

Stone: Ruby, Carnelian

Your tools: Logic, Confidence, Endurance, Boldness, Integrity

Consider the song “House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals. Get lost in that howling vocal.  

With love and encouragement,


TarotAni Ferlise