How Can You Open to the Magic in the Mundane?


I am moving. A wise woman once told me that moving is the third most stressful experience of life, right behind a death and losing a job. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but uprooting a space I’ve cultivated and getting used to a new one really has me stressed. So, naturally, I began to think of the magic in this. Whenever I’m uncomfortable, that means something is brewing, power is stirring, magic is afoot…

We infuse magic into every single thing we do. A home is one of the most spiritual meccas we can ever have. There is enchantment in the creation of a space to the alchemical transformation of this space to a home — your home. It’s amazing that you can wield your own energy by clearing out the old, like when you wipe down the countertops and floors, you wipe out the imprints both physically and spiritually from those who inhabited before. You infuse hara, or life force, to the home every single time you cook a meal or paint or redecorate or create a memory there. You infuse your magic into every item you pack when you wrap it tightly yet gently for its journey. Everything comes alive again.

As I enter my new home, I honor it. Every new place should be honored — people have had the best and worst moments of their life in that space. It is so intimate and personal. To enter is to be humbled, to be responsible is to be thank the container, the house that held that space, and to clear it out so it can now hold your memories; another act of pure magic. You both have a fresh, new start — a new beginning, together. A wild ride of paints and colors, or trials and celebrations, of love and loss together. The home — your home — holds magic — your magic. Tend to her and she’ll tend to you.

There’s a reason why witches are always portrayed riding broomsticks and have cauldrons over a fire. The home and every single mundane aspect of it, from cleaning to cooking to creating to love making to heart breaking is all held by her. She holds you as you hold her every time a repair is made or a picture frame is hung up. A home is a living, breathing organism. Freedom and power live there with you. It is as alive as you make it, which is the same as every “mundane” thing in life. The more energy you put into something, the more of your own blueprint is infused into it, and the more it comes alive. Every action becomes a spell that is cast. You can take all parts and create a whole with your magical hands and mind.

Nothing in life is really that mundane with this perspective, is it? Your commute becomes an opportunity to communicate with the divine, your morning cup of coffee becomes a way to ground, the perfect song at the perfect moment becomes charge to whatever you are sending out and electrifies you, every meal you make becomes an alchemical act of nourishment and togetherness. Magic is in all creation. God/dess is in all creation. That means every single thing you create from a home to a human to a blog post is pure, potent, powerful divinity. Think of that next time you feel like what you do is not “enough.”

Blessed are the hearts that create with positive intent. You are doing your soul’s work in every tiny or massive action you take. Sending big blessings as I take this tiny step into a massive unknown chapter.