October Kozmic Forecast - Transformation, Rebirth, and Redefining Love

When you think of October, leaves changing, seasons shifting, and days transforming into longer nights flash through the mind. Nature is giving strong messages right now — are you listening? It’s time to go inward and be reborn. October has always been known for its transformative, deep, dark, magical nature. Even the most mundane activities seem to have a flare of magic to it. This month, as Scorpio season begins, be one with nature. Get comfortable with being in the dark, the night, the unknown, the wombspace where you will be reborn.

October 5th — Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra

From now until November 16th, expect things to be intense with love. Venus, the planet of romance and love, is in serious and intense, transformative Scorpio — very contradictory to the planet of harmony. Add a retrograde to that, and you got a lot of deep, transformative, serious changes in relationships. This touches mostly one-on-one relationships, but also what you value and what you desire.

Good news. This can make your love stronger, deeper, unbreakable. A challenge is facing your own fears and stories. Venus takes eight years to travel, so think of where you were  eight years ago. Did something happen then in terms of romance that maybe you have not healed? How about 8 years before that, and so on?

Past unresolved traumas in terms of love may rise to the surface. Past lovers may come out of the woodwork. The best news is that they are coming up to be healed. This is an opportunity if you don’t run from it or bury it. This is your chance to go more deeply into love than you ever have been. Celebrate love, even when it gets tough.

October 8th — New Moon in Libra

Libra, ruled by Venus which just went retrograde, is a sign of harmony, balance, and justice. Libras are also very interested in relationships and with Venus retrograde — a lot of heavy energy falls into this realm of life right now. Whether you are single or in a relationship, what is your relationship with love? What are your boundaries? What stories are you telling yourself that love isn’t real or love isn’t safe? We all have a reason to run from all forms of love — self, romantic, familial, or friendship. You can reject love, or you can heal yourself to accept it. And there is no greater victory than truly being able to receive love.

New moons allow you to rethink, rework, go inward, and start anew. Think of yourself as a manifesting magnet right now. What kind of love do you want to experience? Think new patterns, new perspectives, new ways. Think of the way you are showing up for your loved ones. How can you act as an example to be the standard of love you wish to receive? Leave no room for guessing — be the love. Finally, think of the balance of love in your life. Now is the time to balance the different relationships in your life and nurturing them equally.

October 9th — Mercury Enters Scorpio

Adding to this month’s intensity, Mercury, the planet that rules thoughts and communication, enters Scorpio’s intense energy. Thoughts and conversations become deeper, and your mind might lean a little more on the obsessive side. Think balance, anchors, and staying steady during the extremes of this month. For the next three weeks, you may feel the need to get to the bottom of something. You may search for secrets that are not even really there. The suspicious side of Scorpio may sneakily slide in to your habits, especially having to do with one-on-one relationships. Take a step back, gain perspective, and act with integrity. Even though cosmic energy may be tricky, you are always responsible for your words and actions.

October 23rd — Sun Enters Scorpio

Now the sun enters emotionally intense Scorpio, marking the beginning of Scorpio’s season, even if we’ve been feeling it for a while. The beautiful part of the sun in Scorpio is this is the most potent and profound opportunity to feel and heal it all. Your emotions come up for a reason — not to be suppressed, but to nourish and be taken care of. Comfort and nurture yourself. Be gentle and tender. You have all the passionate energy in the world right now — you can turn it on yourself or others and drown or you can channel all of that energy into something bigger. Think of something you believe in, or something you want to know more about. Let the intense, inquisitive, transformative energy of Scorpio serve you by owning it. This time can be amazingly powerful if you let it be.

Focus on healing, on forgiveness, on love that goes beyond ego and into compassion and watch what comes your way.

October 24th — Full Moon in Taurus

This full moon provides a much needed release from this month. Taurean earthy energy is calming, stable, strong, and steady — a perfect tool to combat anyone acting from fear, manipulation, or emotions. Take note of the situations you’ve been in over the last few weeks. Process through any pain, upset, or drama tonight by feeling all your emotions and handling them responsibly. My advice is to write it all out and burn it, then bury the ashes in the Earth. You are a powerhouse of passion and purpose. Feel it all, but don’t let the little things block you from rising in your power. This time is Phoenix energy — burning then rising from its ashes. Rise stronger than ever. You got this.

October 31 — Mercury Enters Sagittarius, Venus Retrograde enters Libra

Mercury entering fiery Sagittarius means the perfect opportunity for worldly curiosity. Sagittarius is known as the forever student, constantly looking at the ways of the world. Feed your mind with big ideas and different perspectives, and embrace the more lighthearted and optimistic conversations and thoughts.

Then, Venus, still retrograde, enters loving Libra, the sign ruled by Venus. Now is the time to watch overindulging in social settings and spending. Self-care is only self-care when you are not overdoing it! Pull some of that energy inwards and note the change happening with and in yourself rather than redoing your whole look. Nurture and care for your friends and loved ones, but only if you are feeling steady. Focus on yourself in a non selfish way, but in a real way.

Happy October, my loves. The winds of change are coming in nature, in spirit, and in you…are you ready?

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