Ceremony, Tools, and Astrology for August’s Aquarian Full Moon

Happy full moon in forward thinking, rebellious, radical, realized Aquarius, my love. 

Think about the sign Aquarius, all about change, breaking away from institutions, dated ways of doing things, and old social paradigms that need to go. This is an opportunity to do your personal part to help the world evolve. The full moon is all about celebration and release — so use this as your chance to see where you fit in with the way the world is growing. 

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August Featured Artist - Graell Corsini

This month, we’re doing things a little differently. Graell is one of my most amazing teachers, who witnessed my own priestess initiation, self-marriage, and countless tears and belly laughs. Here is an interview with her that teaches how we can all be priestessing on a daily basis, regardless of gender or life paths. She is a badass. And walks her talk. I hope you enjoy this magic creatrix and all of her wise words.

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Tarot of the Month - Ace of Cups

Only when it rains do I realize I’m an empty cup, and the water feels like honey. Gently open up to the idea of blessings year-round, free of charge.  

I am so happy to introduce the ACE OF CUPS this month! August will be full of love, free flowing emotions and brand new sparks of joy. July brought the eclipses and Mercury retrograde, and while intensity is beautiful, it can also be exhausting. August will feel like the exhale following July’s big inhale. Let’s talk about this cards radiant energy and how we can utilize it!

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August Reflection and Meditation

August — the sun is hot and huge, the air is dry, but there is an element of transition in the air as we begin to move into the next season. With all this happening, it is a powerful time to figure out where you want to channel your energy the most. Life can get hectic, and your energy can become scattered and less powerful. This month, let your focus be your driving force into happiness and fulfillment. Hone in on your truth — ask yourself: Which part of my life needs more focus?

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