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October Reflection and Meditation

The leaves are changing color and falling to the ground, the air turns more crisp, the nights become longer than the days, and you are left in the midst of all this transformation. October is the month of powerful change, deep transformative magic, and this month in particular it is amplified by Jupiter entering Scorpio on the 10th, strongly aiding in this personal change toward empowerment and betterment. So, this month, immerse yourself deeply into your inner workings, ask— how am I ready to transform?

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What is the Witch’s New Year? How to honor and Celebrate Samhain and Halloween

If you’re like me, you freakin’ LIVE for Halloween. It goes beyond playing dress up — it feels so magical, mysterious, and ominous but in a very comforting kind of way. Sweet and revered Halloween, a time of sweet treats and sneaky tricks. There is a deeper history to Halloween than you might realize.

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