Doing Sex Magic to the Allman Brothers


Every morning. 5:04 am. I wake up. I take three deep breaths. I try my best not to check Instagram but most mornings I do anyway. I limit myself to five minutes. I grab my laptop in a hazy state, press play, and unveil a random episode of Gilmore Girls, a show that I really actually don’t care for but comforts me deeply. Then, I strain and drink some nettle infusion I concocted the night before, brew some Yerba Mate, pour myself a heaping cup, and scurry down the stairs to my magic room. A deep breath in, a deep breath out, Gilmore Girls goes off, and a few minutes of silence while I say a prayer and state my intent for the day while lighting candles on all my altars, one to my purpose, one to my womb, one to writing, one to self-love, one to the grandmothers, and one to the Earth. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Then I press play again, but this time, Gregg Allman’s voice comes blaring out of my speakers. 

This is my typical morning practice. I start my sex magic by busting out my Kava and lavender massage oils and massaging everything, while taking deep connected breaths in and out of my mouth, using my sexual energy to tune into my body and ask myself what I need today, what I want to connect with and embody.

Most of the time, that involves being the exact kinda vibe that Gregg Allman sings about. He sings about how beautiful life is, how we should eat a peach, about the joyful simplicities of life. My bible. My little dose of authenticity in a traditional practice. 

I could put on a slew of other more intense, spiritual music. But nothing makes me feel as alive and evokes the feeling I’m trying to attract than the Allman Brothers, my favorite being Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More. As someone who can get super serious super quick about absolutely everything, his voice and lyrics sit like honey on my heart. 

“'Cause time rolls by like hurricanes

Runnin' after the subway train

Don't forget the pourin' rain”

This is my example. I love sex magic. And I love the Allman Brothers. And that’s where I find my daily dose of divinity. Part of embracing your humanity is doing everything your own way. That means doing spirituality your way. There is no right way to do it. We can take things so seriously, or think we need to get all of these certifications, or find a middle man to do it for us, or see a million different healers in order to figure out how to be spiritual. When in actuality, spirituality lives wherever you find your peace and pleasure in the most authentic way. With Gilmore Girls, and The Allman Brothers, and too many tacky decorations on plain white walls. 

Do you, baby. Find God there.