Finding Freedom in the Frantic Fear


For centuries, astrology has been saved for the elite. 

Right now, astrology is everywhere. From mugs to memes to makeup to everything in between, you can pretty much find astro inspired anything in almost every store. The stars have made a comeback. 

Having access is a beautiful thing, but there is something we all need to consider when looking at the stars through human eyes. 

Human beings put their lens on everything, including astrology. I am now seeing the cosmos turned into a very punishing, God force that is going to make you suffer, punish you, and push incredibly hard lessons on you all of the time. 

I’ve talked about this before, but this is one of the most important messages I can share. With the eclipse and retrograde season in full force this month, I know for a fact you’re going to see a lot of this — This eclipse is going to dig up every single thing you’ve done wrong and you’re going to have to face every consequence to something you’ve done in ignorance and it is going to be brutal and hard and DEFINITELY DON’T do this but if you don’t do this you will suffer for the next 16 years!

Give me. A freaking. Break. I am not undermining the power of astrology. I am saying that nothing in this life is trying to punish you. Nothing is trying to make you suffer. No transit, no God, no devil, is meant to make you suffer aimlessly. This way of thinking has been engrained in us for thousands of years and now is our chance to rewrite that story. It is a disempowering narrative. 

What if I told you that instead of punishing you, these transits occur so that we can reach our own personal freedom? I mean real, unadulterated, freeing freedom that sparks a joy of living in you so deeply and passionately that it lights a freaking flame in your heart and you can set the world on fire? 

I heard Tosha Silver talk about this — she says that eclipses are like new and full moons on steroids. They bring beginnings and they bring endings, but it is all stuff that really needs to go, and what really needs to come to you. The kind of thing that when you look back and you laugh and you say, “well thank GOODNESS that happened!” The way I see it, we like to think we are so mature and evolved, but in actuality, most of us are like the archetypal middle schooler who thinks that their crush is the one, and that this isn’t just a phase, and is super convinced that they know everything, and when someone or something happens that isn’t in line with what they believe is true, they run up and slam the door while screaming “YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE!” 

Sometimes in life, we gotta just accept that we don’t know whats best always. We let our own comfort, or our own stuff, get in the way of being the true cosmic flow, which is there to help us evolve and experience happiness in a way that is deep, rooted, and unshakable. It reminds me of that quote that’s like — people would rather have a monster they know than something they don’t understand.

An eclipse challenges us so greatly because it asks of us the one thing we can’t really understand — to have complete, unyielding, and total trust in something higher and the unknown. *Cue the inner middle schooler screaming*

Eclipses can bring really beautiful blessings, really powerful relationships, really potent healing, and a whole lot of opportunities. The trick during this time is to plant your feet on the ground, take a deep breath, and be totally, wildly, divinely, radically open to good things happening. Don’t block your blessings because someone was trying to freak you out. 

I once had a dream that I was standing on the edge of a cliff, and this crone was standing next to me with her hand on my back, and out of nowhere she just pushed me. I felt the fear, I felt the anger and the distrust, and then I fucking flew and started to soar. This is the perfect embodiment of what this time could bring. The crone woman was my supporter, she knew I was ready. As for you, the stars are rooting for you. The Divine is cheering every time you take a moment to laugh and keep going. The Earth wants you to thrive. So do I. 

Don’t feed into the fear. Find the freedom, baby.