June Reflection and Meditation


June is here, a time for shedding — sweat, layers, and habits. Watch as all your seasonal blues begin to dissipate during this bright time. Now is the time of release. Typically when the warmer weather arrives, we naturally begin to make wiser self-love choices by moving our bodies more, being more social, and spending more time outside. It creates the perfect space for letting go. This month, ask yourself every night — what can I release tonight?

Step One

Make yourself comfortable — dim the lights, and light some incense or candles. Since this meditation is about letting go, you may want to try a yoga pose geared towards release. Try rolling up a blanket and tucking it under your knees, then lay flat on your back. Let your hands gently come to your sides with your palms up. You can meditate in silence, or you can meditate to sound, like steady drumming or instrumental music. You can close your eyes or you can focus a soft gaze.

Step Two

Take deep, steady breaths and focus on allowing your exhale to be longer than your inhale. Your breath is your life force, so if your mind strays and goes to tasks or worries, find your way back to focusing on it — it is always there to support you. Let all the air go from your belly, slowly and deeply. Begin to introduce the question — what can I release tonight?

Step Three

Let the question evoke memories, thoughts, and emotions. Think of patterns you have picked up that you no longer need, coping mechanisms you’ve adopted to protect yourself, and situations and people that you find mentally or physically tolling. Think of emotions you haven't allowed yourself to feel because they are intense or scary. You’ve created a safe space for yourself to explore these thoughts in this moment. Focus on the situations you can’t control, then shift it to the ones you can.

Step Four

Now, release. In this meditation, do what you see fit to let go. Give these memories and emotions a name, visualize the color that they make you feel, and picture the color dissolving in front of you. Or, you may want to move around, jump about, and yell. Or, you can let the tears roll and feel the sweet release with every drop that leaves you. Maybe it is forgiveness you seek, letting go of guilt, blame, or shame.

These perceived negative energies weigh us down in every way. It manifests in our physical and emotional well-being. These emotions and experiences are here to guide you, and when you don’t face them, you’re missing an opportunity for wisdom. By actively choosing to let these energies go every night you can this month, you will notice the impact they have on you gets lighter and lighter.

Each person who engages in this meditation is working towards creating a stronger future together. Thank yourself and the community of people participating, and know that you are supported and making a difference in your own life and on a large scale.