June Kozmic Guidance - A Time of Finding Pleasure in Transformative Truth


This month, it is time to settle into you. The energy is aligning to make some cosmic confusion and information overload that will push you gently into your solid truth. Get curious, get real and raw, and have some fun doing it all the while! Life can be confusing, but there is a still a ton of pleasure to be had in these moments. Get out your calendars and mark these dates to be in the cosmic flow. Happy June!

June 3rd — New Moon in Gemini

Happy New moon, my loves! This new moon is in curious Gemini, the sign that loves conversation, new ideas, and information. New moons are all about starting a new cycle, and when aligned with Gemini, this could be a great time to plant the seeds of guidance you want to receive. I like to compare Gemini energy to having a web browser with 50 tabs open all on different Wikipedia pages, so make sure to ground in on what you are looking to invest your thoughts on. What has been calling to you? What have you been attracted to? Has there been a class you’ve wanted to take, a poem you’ve wanted to write? A book you have been meaning to get? What you feed you brain ultimately becomes the lens in which you look at life. The information you receive is sacred nectar for your brain. Choose it wisely. For tonight, maybe try to stop scrolling, and get curious about other forms of information you can ingest. This investment will pay off throughout this whole lunar cycle.

June 4th — Mercury Enters Cancer

You may notice that it is harder to be objective about any information coming your way. Mercury is in charge of our thoughts and communication, and giving and receiving information. Cancer is the sign of the mother — the sensitive water sign that is fiercely nurturing and loves family and home. When Mercury enters this emotional and protective sign, you can expect to search for deep and meaningful conversation that is personal to you. The way you think and speak will be much more emotionally charged than usual until the end of the month. Use this opportunity this month to find what feeds you on a soul level and go deep into researching it and living it.  

June 8th — Venus Enters Gemini

Bask in the flirtatious vibes of glorious Gemini. The planet of sweet love and relationship moves into the flirty and flighty sign of Gemini, marking a time of connection and laughter. You can use this time to playfully relate to others, engage in curious connection, indulge in other perspectives and ideas, and chat it up. Be mindful of what you connect over, because the tendency to connect over gossip could be at an all time high. Instead, Gemini is known for its wit, so connect over a few good laughs and stimulating conversation on ideas instead of people. And remember, Venus is not just the planet of romantic relationships, it is the planet that rules relationships to everything and everyone. Get curious and playful with everything you connect with and watch what you discover.

June 17th — Full Moon Sagittarius, Jupiter Neptune Square

Happy Full Moon! I love Sagittarian energy. I see the bow and arrow as a symbol of shooting for truth and meaning. Tonight is the perfect night to shed all that is not a “fuck yes” to you. Whatever does not feel like absolute truth to you. Freedom and sovereignty is a choice you have to make every. single. day. We are bombarded with images of what is beautiful and what is not, what is right and wrong, what you should or should not be doing, how you should feel and what you should never, ever feel… and with a Jupiter Neptune square, it can feel even more confusing than usual. So, how about tonight, you say fuck it. Whatever isn’t your personal version of truth, let it burn. It’s a fire moon, so offer it all up. Ask for help in releasing you from anything holding you back from your own freedom. Write it out on a piece of paper and burn it. Tonight, celebrate your sovereignty. You are the sole ruler of your world.

June 21st — Neptune Retrograde

Neptune stations retrograde today. Retrograde means that the energy of the planet shifts. It usually has a bad rap, as you may have noticed with Mercury retrograde. However, it is a cosmic opportunity to gain a different perspective. In fact, this particular retrograde is an amazing chance to go deep into your own spiritual beliefs and develop them fully. These next few months are about soul growth. You may find yourself deep thrusted into reality as your fears and illusions fade away and you can see clarity like never before. Pay attention to the reality of your life — it can be a positively jarring experience to see your life for exactly how it is, without the stories you’ve created for yourself. A weight off your chest will be lifted. Fear will fade. You may find your mind daydreaming more than usual, so be sure to do frequent grounding exercises.

If you choose to, you can step into your power and create the exact opportunities you want for yourself. To truly own this time, channel your passions and creativity into your daily life. Follow the positive feelings — the things that make you feel alive and good. This is a time of truth. Own it.

June 21st — Sun Enters Cancer

Happy solar return, sweet Cancer! Cancer is ruled by the moon, representing emotions and your deep, inner self. Having it fall right on the Summer Solstice is powerful. The summer solstice is all about your personal power. It calls on you to ignite your inner fire and immerse yourself in the serendipitous magic of summer change. The sun in Cancer invites you to go deep into your feelings, and the solstice asks you to go outside and let the rays of the sun burn away what doesn’t serve you and fill you with what ignites your heart. Is anyone else sensing a theme for this month? Find your magic.  The glory of the sun and the magic of your being can team up for a powerful happening — when you are open to the power, it will find and fulfill you infinitely. Now is the time to fully immerse yourself in what will make you feel alive.

On this day, set time aside to be outside and reflect on yourself. Let your mind wander to your daydreams — where does it go? Maybe you’re a singer on a stage, or you’re deep into a loving relationship, or you are studying something you’ve always wanted to explore. Wherever your thoughts go, follow it. Light a fire if you can and gaze into the dancing flames. You are as alive as that fire. Take the first tiny step into going to your wildest daydreams. Anything you want is attainable as long as you go for it and now is that time.

June 26th — Mercury Enters Leo

For the next few weeks, expect your thoughts and communication to be grand. Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, enters Leo, the proud fire sign that loves grand acts and attention. The way you speak can be more persuasive and dramatic, and you may have more of an influential spark and be more convincing. This is a time of communicating confidently. Take advantage of these next few weeks by sharing your enthusiasm with others to inspire them, and making sure you listen to others just as enthusiastically as you speak. Balance, baby!