May Reflection and Meditation

Look around outside — May seems… gentle. Life is softly blooming, things are fragile, new birth has arrived. Now is a time to fully immerse yourself in a deep meditation, and the theme is a reflection of the state of the Earth right now — gentleness. In what ways can you be more gentle to yourself, the people you love, or even the people who you don’t agree with? Focus on — what ways can I be more gentle?  When we tread softly on our path, we can embody genuine strength. Now, let’s begin the journey.

Step One

This meditation is your own — make yourself comfortable whichever way you want. You can free-write in a journal, put on soft drumming music, or just sit in silence with your eyes closed. Meditation is what comes naturally to you. Allow yourself to be guided by your breath. With every breath go deeper into your own head, observing your thoughts but not engaging with them, and let yourself go. When you stray from your meditation or feel like you are getting caught up in your thoughts, focus on your breath.

Step Two

Introduce the question — in what ways can I be more gentle? Really think about what being gentle means — it does not mean being passive. It is a soft but powerful strength. In altercations, it can be easy to raise voices or become hostile. Or, you could fear confrontation at all and let the tension build. This is a perfect place to introduce a gentle nature. By sympathetically addressing situations, you are able to come to a conclusion without accusations and high-intensity arguing. When you address the situation gently, you are also able to gain empathy from the other person, leaving both parties feeling understood, heard, and supported.

Step Three

Now think about actions. Which actions could you do more gently? Everyone has heard of the expression, “less is more.” Apply it to the actions you take that may actually be doing more harm than good — maybe it’s working out, for example. With physical exertion it is better to have rest days and restorative periods. Which actions do you take that can impact you with their intensity? How can you now be more gentle in that?

Step Four

Now, think about your beliefs, specifically in regard to yourself. How can you be more gentle with yourself? Maybe certain thoughts can be harsh and unyielding, and you can begin to treat yourself unkindly. When you approach yourself with genuine gentleness, you will be surprised how organically it becomes to treat others in that way.

Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with your words and thoughts. Be gentle with your beliefs. Be gentle with others. It is on this path where we can really be light and strong in our convictions. Each person who engages in this meditation has become a spark that will ignite kindness across the world. Thank yourself and the community of people participating, and know that you are supported and making a difference in your own life and on a large scale.