May Kozmic Guidance — A Time of Fortitude and Creation


Happy May, my loves!! This is such a beautiful month filled with the perfect balance of grounding and depth. We start off the month with a sensual and grounding new moon, then go into a Scorpio full moon perfect for all things shadow work, then the energy opens up to be conversational and curious at the end of the month. We still have a few planets retrograde, making this month a perfect time to turn in, tune in, and really plant the seeds for the life you want to live. Are you ready? Get our your calendars, babe! Let’s rock this month.

May 4th — New Moon in Taurus

Tonight’s new moon is a perfect time to get really clear and start something new in the physical and material world. It is a perfect time to do a manifestation ceremony and write out what abundance you want to attract. What would make you feel the most stable and secure? What do you need in order to live a life of financial freedom? This is not about being frivolous — it is about knowing what you need to align yourself with in order to take away any fear with money or resources. Now is the time to put your plans into action, especially in terms of business. This new moon can help align you with success.

May 6th —  Mercury Enters Taurus

Over the next two weeks or so, expect your thinking to focus on all things grounded, practical, and down to Earth. Mercury rules over communication and thoughts and Taurus is the fixed, earth sign. Use this time to focus on one thing at a time, and turn thoughts into solid plans. Try to stay open minded, as Taurus loves to stick to what they know.

May 15th — Venus Enters Taurus

Venus is natural ruler of Taurus, and with Mercury and the sun in Taurus, we are getting some major Venusian vibrations. This is such a yummy time. Get sensual, get balanced, indulge into the richness of life itself. Just because Venus and Taurus are related to indulgence doesn’t mean that has to be over-indulgence. It means when you shower, breathe in the scent of the soap and really connect with it. It means when you are eating dinner, bless your food and appreciate all the hands that went into creating this beautiful meal, and savor every last bite instead of eating in a rush. Clean and beautify your car and home, adorn yourself with essential oils or perfumes, give yourself a massage before you go to bed — indulgence is available to us at any time. Let this period be an opportunity to open yourself up to it.

May 15th — Mars enters Cancer

The planet of action, assertion, and force enters the deeply protective, nurturing, home-based sign of Cancer. Mars is known for being the planet of force and war, but it really is about what we want to protect and what we stand for in this lifetime. Paired with the fiercely protective sign of Cancer, this cosmic combination can certainly spark some family and home healing. Notice what is coming up for you in this way. Your actions might be heavily based off of your emotions during this time, so just take a second to actually feel what you’re feeling. This is an amazing time for some potent healing if you allow yourself to go there. Remember to always ask for what you need, and keep your boundaries strong.

May 18th — Full Moon in Scorpio

With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all stationed retrograde, and having the moon be in intense and mysterious Scorpio, this time is going to be deeply transformational. The full moon illuminates, guides, and releases — so now is the time when all that retrograde, inward thinking may be sparked by a situation. Scorpio vibes make you emotionally intense, so be conscious of your reactions. Remember to always ask yourself — what truth is this situation showing me? Know that everything is happening for you, not to you, and that whatever comes up is going to propel you deeper into your own truth. The only way to truly release with the full moon is to not fear feeling and processing your emotions. Own your truth, own yourself, act with integrity, and you will soar this lunar cycle. You got this!

May 21st — Sun Enters Gemini

Happy birthday, sweet Gemini! Gemini is the social sign known for their gift of gab, love of learning everything and anything, and social skills. This is the time of discovery of all perspectives, and you may find your mind moving quickly. People who are born under this sign have this as an innate part of their personality, but everyone will find themselves wanting to be intellectually stimulated while the sun moves through it over the next few weeks. This is a time of playful lightheartedness, so get curious, get conversational, but resist the urge to judge or be too in your head. If you find yourself overanalyzing anything, bounce your ideas and thoughts off of other people! It’s a perfect opportunity to create connection and see other perspectives. Try something you’ve never tried before, talk to someone you have nothing in common with, start a blog or post your ideas on social media, and flirt with a different side of yourself. Remember that Gemini is the sign of the twins — so use these next few weeks to get to know that other side of you.

May 21st — Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury, the planet of communication, entering it’s natural sign of Gemini, meaning thoughts and communication will come with a sense of ease. Get curious about all of the thoughts that are flooding your way. Gemini is known to be curious, and I always picture Mercury Gemini to be the equivalent of having 25 different tabs open on your browser. Now is a good time to scratch the surface and begin to explore everything that fascinates you. Read some poems or songs, write that blog post, have conversations with different people about different things, explore, learn, communicate, and flirt away! This is all about connection and relation and discovery. Enjoy it.