Ceremony, Tools, and Tips for The Spring Equinox, Sun in Aries, and Libra Supermoon


My small one wants to know — dreadfully, desperately —

When will it get easier? When will it stop hurting?

And those are not the questions, my love,

To heal you, to help you heal yourself, to help us heal ourselves

The questions are: What can I learn here? What shall I create now?

What will I do in my day,

My moment upon moment deepening of life?

What will I do so I can live well with myself?

In my vision, in my dreamed,

I am standing -still- rooted-running- dancing

Rising - soaring -blossoming-shining

In a sunlit meadow

Drinking in, beaconing out,

The potent mix of all I can be, all I am

So, hold on, me:

Something freaking brilliant is about to emerge

-Nell Aurelia, 2015 via We’Moon 2019

Welcome, my sweet one, to a new dawn. We’ve been in the throws of watery and emotional Piscean energy, with a Mercury retrograde, and some other tricky transits. The depths of our souls have been illuminated, old wounds have been unearthed, our emotions have all over the place, heaviness and confusion was around us, and now that time is over. Take a deep breath, my love, you have made it!

The sun enters Aries today, marking the astrological new year. A time of the self, of becoming, of newness. Then we have the Spring Equinox, a time of planting the seeds, of balance of dark and day, and or rebirth and new beginnings. We also have a super full moon in loving Libra. All this energy marks a beautiful, powerful opportunity for change and finding balance in yourself.

We also have Mars and Pluto dancing harmoniously together to make things happen. Mercury is going direct in a few days as well. Tonight, get clear. It is time to create. It is time to plant the seeds that we want to reap. Honor the equinox and spring by choosing your seeds wisely and nourishing the growth of you and your intent.

Check in for a moment — what in your life has been out of balance? What needs some TLC? What do you need to release? What do you want to create?

With this powerful full moon, release what is standing in the way of the life you want to create, and the person you want to be. It is time to illuminate your authenticity, come back to your essence, and blossom, baby.

Here are some tools for tonight:

Tarot Card: Judgement

This is a card that is all about rebirth, letting go of the past, absolution, hope, redemption, and new beginnings. This card reminds us that there is always an opportunity to start anew.

Have this card displayed somewhere where you see it. Gaze at the beautiful imagery of this card.

Stone: Moss Agate

This stone is one of balance. It is known as the gardener’s stone. Let this stone protect the seeds you plant, both literally and magically. This stone also attracts love and friendship in miraculous ways, which aligns with all the maiden-like energy of Spring. This nourishing stone is perfect for tonight to honor the Earth, yourself, love, and new life.

Essential Oil: Rose

Rose is the highest known frequency we know of on this planet. It has been used in almost every religion and faith to connect with the divine, to honor, and as a symbol of love itself. The smell of rose is uplifting and nourishing, magical and honoring. Anoint yourself with some rose oil, just a small amount, and inhale the aroma. Give yourself some love, and invite love in. Raise your vibration.

As always, check in with your own intuition and a doctor before applying any oil to your skin.

Herb: Damiana

Damiana is a great ally for tonight. She can help open your heart, help you find your strength, and embrace love on all levels. She has been used in ceremony for thousands of years as a heart-opening herb. This healing herb can be steeped in tea, held, burned, or whichever way feels good to you. You can harvest her yourself or get her from your local herb shop. Check with your doctor before ingesting any herb.

Song: The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin

Oh dance in the dark of night,

Sing to the mornin' light.

The magic runes are writ in gold

To bring the balance back, bring it back.

At last the sun is shining, the clouds of blue roll by,

With flames from the dragon of darkness

The sunlight blinds his eyes.

This is the perfect song for tonight, the magical feel of this song paired with the story in the lyrics  welcomes in the maiden energy of spring. Get into this feels of this song, move your body to it, light your candles and set up your space and sit with it. You are at the balance of dark and light, celebrate them both.

Color — Green

Heal up and settle in with this magical color. Green is the color of the heart, healing, new life, and earth.  Let your paper, candle, cloth, clothes, or even the food you eat tonight embody these colors.

Environment and Pose

Tonight’s pose and environment is completely up to how you are feeling. Check in with yourself — do you want to dance? Do you want to sit? Do you want to lay down and surrender? Do as your body guides you.

Here’s my ritual for tonight:

Step one:

Make your space beautiful, unplug, and go in for a minute. Come home to you. This Libra full moon is an air moon, and the sun entering Aries is fire. Tonight is a perfect night for the yummiest incense you can find, beautiful smelling candles, or essential oil sprays to cleanse your space. Get as sensual as possible. Steep your tea, put on something that feels really nice on your skin, smell all the aromas, taste all the herbs and flowers, feel the warmth of the flames from the candles. Close your eyes or start a soft gaze on the flame of the candle.

Clear out any energy that isn’t your own by burning herbs like rosemary or bay leaves, lighting candles with intent, or spraying essential oils like mint or frankincense. You are creating a container for you to experience some magic, tend to it gently and with intent.

Step Two:

Now that you are in a safe, contained space, get out a journal and begin to reflect.

During this opportune time of rebirth, change, and creation, what do you wish to become?

What do you want to create?

What needs balance in your life?

What needs nourishment?

Why do you want what you want?

This last question is really important. It is crucial to tune into ourselves and truly see where our intentions are coming from. Be sure to not create from a place of “ego” — or a place where it would only feel good on a surface level. What would feed your soul during this time? What is the essence of you that you want to evoke? The only way your cup is ever going to truly feel filled is if you are filling it from a soul level. Tune in deeply. The essence of who you truly are is unmistakable — go with what is solid in you.

Step Three:

This life is meant to be enjoyed, beloved. Whatever you are called to is no accident. Your fire in your heart is what lights up your path. It is okay to not know what that passion is yet, but know that all you need to do is invite that passion in. Let it know that you are ready, and then follow the breadcrumb trail to your truth. Start off small, like what in your life do you truly enjoy? What do you like to eat? What songs do you enjoy listening to? What do you find funny? Every single time you feel good, take note of it.

Now, with this on your mind, write out what you truly want to create. What kind of joy truly feeds you. You are now planting the seeds of what you wish to create and making it real.

When we write something down, it makes it real. It starts to train our brain and consciousness to be open to receiving it. Make your list grounded, specific, and sensory.

Step Four:

Light your incense, get out a crystal of your choice, whatever you have in your space. Cleanse the crystal with the smoke. Speak your lists out loud while holding the crystal in your left hand, with your right hand on top. Speak it with feeling, emotion, and conviction. The more energy you put into this, the more you will get out of it. Repeat it three times, then place the list in your sacred space and put the crystal on top of it. Now, live it. Celebrate. Honor yourself and this earth. Honor your pleasure and your passion. Dance, sing, breathe deeply, call a friend, splash fresh water on your face, and gift the earth with some honey. Buy yourself some fresh flowers and put some petals in a bathtub or over your head when you shower. Inhale them deeply.

This work is powerful when you truly embody it. That means if you want pleasure, seek it in everything. If you want power, stay in your power no matter how hard it is. If you want joy, celebrate the smallest things in your day. If you want abundance, be abundance and give what you can in every way.

You see? You are the magic, baby. Magic is quiet literal. It is turning our awareness towards something, then using our energy to go there. So, my love, tonight is the night to start. Plant those seeds. Begin your astrological new year. Embrace the rebirth you see happening around you in nature.

Use this ritual to make it real and to ceremoniously leave the past in the past and start anew. You are worthy of every good thing, and I mean that. You are worthy. You are magic. You are powerful.

Give yourself a bit to incubate all of this until Mercury is back direct, and then watch the rapid changes that come to you in all of April.

Make tonight beautiful, make it yours. This is your night. Rewrite, reclaim, be ready to be reborn. There’s a reason the word lunatic has the word “luna” in it. The history is tied to the full moon. Legend says that the full moon makes us all “crazy.” I say it sheds light on our fears and desires — which I guess is its own form of craziness. Release, and be ready to step into your power and truth.

Moon cycles are opportunities. Harness this power to do the work that you’d need to do anyway, but now you are held and supported and turning it into ritual and magic. I love using this energy to gain self-awareness, strength, and sheer determination and clarity.

Happy full moon my loves — make it magical. If you’d like to go deeper, you can follow me on Instagram for daily astro insights, and spiritual information @kozmicryder.