Ceremony, Tools, and Tips for February’s Full Virgo Super Moon


Welcome to another beautiful, full, powerful moon. Before we start, take a second to sit with all that has occurred during these days since the new moon. Think about every single baby step, or big step, you’ve made to propel your manifestations into reality. You’re a powerhouse.

What seeds did you planet during the beginning of the month during the new moon? Now is a potent time to reap what you sewed. Virgo loves to have everything in order, structured, organized, and ready to go. It is also the sign of service. When this full, powerful moon enters this sign, it asks you to celebrate your sacred service. Honor yourself and the work you’ve done to get here. Celebrate and give thanks for the connections in your life. And clear yourself of anything standing in your way of walking your path.

It also comes right as the sun gracefully enters dreamy Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, inviting you to follow your intuition, instincts. Dream, rest, love, breathe.

Most interestingly, Chiron, the planetoid known as the “wounded healer,” has made its way around the zodiac and comes back to Aries, the sign of the self.  It will be here until 2027, and hasn’t been in Aries in 50 years. That means this is the end of a 50 year cycle. Moving into Aries, Chiron can highlight exactly where you need to nurture yourself in terms of where you feel shame, or feel the need to prove yourself, or any feelings of self-worth. Now is the time to ask yourself — how can I nurture myself? How can I heal myself? What do I need?

Chiron is known to be the wounded healer because it is how we heal ourselves. This is your reminder that no person, accomplishment, or validation is going to make you feel good, heal, or save you. This is great news! Because you are the protagonist and the hero of your own journey! This is the time to give yourself what you have always needed and wanted to be okay. Listen to yourself. Tune into to the voice that comes up and tries to tell you that you’re not enough or you’re too much, and give it all the love you have. These can be a magical few years if you learn to truly love yourself, and give yourself the nourishment your soul has been starving for.

This time allows our deepest, victim-based, childhood wounds to come up. But when it moves into Aries, it's about stepping into your power in the most badass ways. Are you feeling this? How do you want to stand up in your power? Own yourself? Any wounds that block you from rocking yourself are coming up to finally be put to rest. Old stories fall away. You are free, my love, if you are willing to look into it.

Tonight, we heal. We give thanks for truth. We get grounded, stable, and strong as we hold our intentions.

Here are some tools you can use tonight:

Tarot Card: The Star

The Star comes right after the Tower card, which marks the time of facing walls you’ve built up for yourself coming crashing down. It is a scary looking card of a tower being struck by lightening in darkness, with people jumping out of the windows. But fear not, that time is so profound. And very Chiron moving out of Pisces. You have faced that. Be proud of yourself! Now, we enter into the time of the Star, the beautiful, serene card that invites in healing, nourishment, and blessings after a big transition. This is a time of peace, love, inspiration, and spiritual blossoming.

Have this card displayed somewhere where you see it. Gaze at the beautiful imagery of this card. Let it remind you that you are a child of the Earth, the cosmos, the most beloved divinity. You are blessed. You are doing incredible work. And you are held. Receive.

Stone: Malachite

Malachite is a soothing stone that helps to ground, nourish the heart and the womb, and is known to absorb energy from pain. It helps to balance your body and clear the energetic pathways of your body. In my experience, it helps calm anxiety significantly. Hold the stone in your hand, put it over each of your chakras, and let it rest on your heart and stomach for a while. Just let it gently, lovingly do it’s thing, just like the Star card.

Be careful if you find malachite in raw form. The dust is known to be toxic. Try to celebrate malachite in polished form, where there are no known risks.

Essential Oil: Spikenard

This is the oil that Mary Magdalene anointed Christ’s feet with in honor, and this is the oil that you can use to honor yourself with tonight. You’ve come so far. You’ve learned and experienced so much. You’ve made it here, now. Honor yourself for the work that you don’t even realize you do on a daily basis. The self work, the work in showing up in society, the work you do for money, or because you love it, or because you want to do and be better. Place this oil on your feet with a carrier oil, or simply put it in a diffuser or smell the oil from the bottle. Check in with your own intuition or a doctor before applying any oil.

Herb: Damiana

Damiana is a great ally for tonight. She can hold space for you, just like the Star card, so that you can process heal up in a safe way. She can help open your heart, help you find your strength, and embrace love on all levels. She has been used in ceremony for thousands of years as a heart-opening herb. This healing herb can be steeped in tea, held, burned, or whichever way feels good to you. You can harvest her yourself or get her from your local herb shop. Check with your doctor before ingesting any herb.

Song: The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin

This song pairs so well with the rest of the tools for tonight —the Star card, malachite, damiana, reminding us of the impermanence of the seasons of life. Sometimes it is blissful, other times, healing hits hard. Upon us all, a little rain must fall. And now, we remember, that we are loved.

“These are the seasons of emotion

And like the wind, they rise and fall

This is the wonder of devotion

I see the torch

We all must hold

This is the mystery of the quotient, quotient

Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall”

Color — Light Blue

Heal up and settle in with this magical color. Light blue is the color of healing, peace, understanding, and spirituality.  Let your paper, candle, cloth, clothes, or even the food you eat tonight embody these colors.

Environment and Pose

If you are able to, sit up straight, on the ground, feeling the floor support you and having your spine be aligned. Feel your roots going into the earth and your spirit reaching the heavens. Make yourself and your space comfortable, safe, and as undisturbed as possible.

Here’s my ritual for tonight:

Tonight’s ritual is all about grounding, gaining strength, nourishing, and clearing. Are you ready?

Step one:

Make your space beautiful, unplug, and go in for a minute. Come home to you. Since tonight is an earth moon in Virgo, have elements of earth represented — buy yourself some flowers if you can, or go outside and collect some beautiful rocks. Feel into your senses. Smell all the aromas, taste all the herbs and flowers, feel the warmth of the flames from the candles or the blanket you’re sitting with. Close your eyes or start a soft gaze on the flame of the candle.

Clear out any energy that isn’t your own by burning herbs like rosemary or bay leaves, lighting candles with intent, or spraying essential oils like mint or frankincense. You are creating a container for you to experience some magic, tend to it gently and with intent.

Step Two:

Now that you are in a safe, contained space, think about what has been coming up for you. Maybe deep feelings of unworthiness have been finding their way into your life. Or maybe it is a fear of your past coming up. Maybe it is the fear of being abandoned, betrayed, or unloved. These themes come out in interesting ways sometimes. Like you pick a fight with your partner, or you act out at work, or you find yourself in a pattern that you wonder how you even got yourself in.

Sometimes, we tell ourselves stories because it is easier to believe them than to heal the hurt that caused the story to be there in the first place. Like the story of “I’m not good enough.” And then you find yourself in situations that seem to constantly validate that. Now is the time to call those stories out. If you genuinely feel that way, bring it up. I know it sounds scary, and maybe a little counterintuitive, but really what those feelings are your power begging to be integrated and healed.

We have to truly feel things to heal things. This completes a cycle and releases it from your nervous system so that we can write a new story. Maybe you need to cry. Maybe you need to shake. Maybe you need to scream. The point is — we live in a culture that says it’s not okay or safe to do these things. So they get stuck in us, and become stories. If we release them physically, emotionally, and energetically from our bodies by truly allowing them to surface, we can start healing from the root. So bring it up. Sit with it. Cry it out. This is nurturing that inner child who adopted those beliefs. Talk to yourself like you were the adult you needed during those times. Self soothe. Be your own guardian. Remind yourself you are safe.

Step Three:

Get clear on the story you wish to part with. It is time to give it up to the divine so that you can move forward in your saved service with ease, grace, and fortitude.

Make a small offering in a bowl of some herbs of your choice, maybe a bayleaf, some lavender, and some thyme. Sprinkle some of this outside on the earth as an offering. Feel the ground supporting you. Give thanks for the stability, the nourishment, and the grounding. If you are able, bring your candle outside, too.  Give your story to the earth, the cosmos, and your divine guides/ god/ goddess. You can say something like,

“I am ready to heal and nurture the part of my inner child that believed that she was unlovable and not worth receiving joy. I am ready to let go of that. I am offering it up to you, divine beloved, so that you may help me love my wound. I ask for affection and love to help me heal from within. I love you, thank you, and so it is.”

Pour the rest of the offering on the ground. Dance around or simply sit and breathe in the cold air and feel the support of the elements and divinity around you.

If you are unable to go outside, you can do this inside and offer it to a cauldron with a charcoal lit in it, then give the ashes of the herbs as an offering when you can.

Step Four:

Play your favorite songs of celebration that make you come alive and move your body and emotions. Laugh. Sing. Cry. Dance. Breathe. Scream. Be. Feel free to drum, as that is a powerful offering to the Earth as well as a way to connect with her.

You, my beloved, are alive. Life is hard. Life is easy. Life is confusing yet oh-so-simple. We fuck up. We make it up. We are dark, and we are light. We are angels, we are assholes. We are unique, and yet all so the same. Come alive. Feel into it all. Your life is a cosmic symphony and every high and low note is being orchestrated perfectly into a masterpiece. You’re the conductor.  Give yourself some credit, honey. Give yourself a break. Give yourself a sweet release that will bring you to your knees and come right back up again. I love you. I am proud of you. And I am far, sooooo far, from the only one. What you do in this life matters, you matter, and thank you for showing up and enjoying the ride.

Make tonight beautiful, make it yours. This is your night. Rewrite, reclaim, be ready to be reborn. There’s a reason the word lunatic has the word “luna” in it. The history is tied to the full moon. Legend says that the full moon makes us all “crazy.” I say it sheds light on our fears and desires — which I guess is its own form of craziness. Release, and be ready to step into your power and truth.

Moon cycles are opportunities. Harness this power to do the work that you’d need to do anyway, but now you are held and supported and turning it into ritual and magic. I love using this energy to gain self-awareness, strength, and sheer determination and clarity.

Happy full moon my loves — make it magical. If you’d like to go deeper, you can follow me on Instagram for daily astro insights, and spiritual information @kozmicryder.