Five Promises to Make to Yourself Right Now


We’re coming up on Valentine's Day, when we make promises, celebrate commitments, and devotion is at the forefront of people’s minds. Well, in true Kozmic fashion, what if I challenged you to make those promises to yourself, honor your own devotion to you, and celebrate the commitment to you?

Promises are sacred. They are a karmic tie that invites you to take action on your desires. It is a truly magical life when you step into your own power and rock your own divinity. Here are some promises to make with yourself that will deepen your awareness, connection, and love of life.

I Promise to See the Divinity in Everything

This promise is one of the most life changing experiences that you can have. It can transform the way you handle life itself. Once you shift your perspective, you see that your Volkswagen breaking down actually saved you from a five car pileup. The college boyfriend that left you at a frat party was a bullet you dodged. The job writing for a popular magazine fell through, and you started making Lucid Dreaming Kits and starting your own online magazine. Life becomes a wild, amazing, cosmic joke, filled with divinity. You can’t help but laugh with the divine and get excited when something doesn’t go your way, because you begin to wonder what Spirit’s got cookin’ for you. Your heart will feel lighter and more empowered. It can be easier said than done, especially when things seemingly take a turn for the worse, but step back in that moment and trust the process.

I Promise to Take Care of Myself

Sounds pretty simple, but sometimes life can knock you off balance and you can find yourself in unhealthy patterns. Make a promise to be good to yourself — speak to yourself with compassion over judgment and criticism, slurp some bone broth and eat some really well-cooked veggies to nourish your body, and indulge in some chocolate cake to nourish your soul.  Do an act of self-care once a day, like say a loving affirmation that will set you up for success, like “I am always in the right place at the right time.” Read something that inspires you, like Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness (my current fave). Energetically cleanse yourself with an herbal bundle made of rosemary and bay leaves. You can find some more magical acts of self-care here.

Promise to listen to what your physical body is saying as well as your heart, notice how your body, soul, and mental state is feeling at any given moment. Tune into when you meet people and after you leave them, what you feel when you hear a song like Harvest Moon by Neil Young, and what sensation comes up immediately when you walk into that bar on the corner of your street. Nurture yourself through all emotions and sensations. Take care of yourself the way you would take care of a loved one. Honor your emotions. Honor your intuition. Honor your body. Honor your spirit.

I Promise to Embrace My Strengths… And My Flaws

You are a multidimensional person that has strengths and flaws… rock them both! You have been gifted with a set of skills that will serve you — acknowledge, embrace, and utilize them. Stay away from seeing your flaws as hindrances or judging yourself — use your flaws as a way to expand your wisdom and compassion. Like my Mars in Leo self loves to be seen and be the center of attention, and for so long I thought that was so awful. Then I realized this part of me was what gave me the ability to lead circles, ceremonies, and a business. It wasn’t that I had to be the center of attention, it was that I can step into leadership. With self-awareness and some TLC, I transformed that into my superpower. You were born perfectly imperfect, and each part of yourself is there to lead to growth and expansion. So breathe, and rock yourself.

I Promise to Reflect on My Intentions

Sometimes you’re on autopilot. Things become second nature. This promise is to take a step back and reflect on why you do the things you do. Turn your awareness towards your intentions and reasonings and critically think about your actions. Maybe something you’re doing isn’t healthy, or maybe you can do it better.

My friend Leslie, an avid cigarette smoker, realized her attachment to smoking was the only time she gave herself a break from her day! Similarly, Skye always stays after ceremony and helps clean up, even though she’s exhausted and wants to leave. Later she realized that all she wanted was some credit and connection. Get to the root. Question yourself. What are you truly getting out of what you’re doing? What do you truly need?

I Promise to Never Take My Life For Granted

Life is short. Life is precious. In hindsight, life is perfect. We are all connected in our flaws, experiences, pain, and love. Each day you wake up is a day that is sacred. Greet it like so. Say good morning to the sky, and blow it a kiss goodnight and say thank you. It is so easy to see the mundane as a drudgery, an astrological transit as something to “get through,” and not look at all you have. When you make this promise, you are committing yourself to be grateful for the life-force that surges through you, thankful for the experience of living, and thankful for the wisdom you are obtaining.

Make these promises with yourself today. Give it a week and share what comes up for you by commenting below!