Nighttime Rituals to Start Right Now


Do you feel that? The nights are getting longer, and the moon is calling us to come home and heal.

Your day is done, the night has fallen, things get more quiet, more contemplative, and you can take a deep, cleansing breath. The moon is a powerful source of energy, it changes the tides and it seems to change our minds as well — somehow, night brings a different way of looking at things. Honor the night and yourself with simple rituals that have a deep healing impact, guiding you gently into dream land.

Infuse Magic in Your Space

Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Weave in symbols, scents, colors, imagery, and music that empowers you. Declutter your space, keep it tidy, and make sure you never do work or bring any energy that doesn’t relax you into your bedroom. This is your space. Imagine yourself as a phone, and your room as the charger — it really is similar. When the day is done and you’re ready to wind down, your body will naturally crave the space you carved for yourself. Enjoy it. Whether you’re in a shared space or your own, make it magical. This is yours. Claim it.

Dim The Lights and Power Down

Did you know that Wi-Fi and looking at the light from screens can interrupt your sleeping cycles? This leads to interrupted, light sleep that has profound impacts on your health. Dim the lights, or light a candle. Power down your electronics, or turn off your notifications (as easy as turning on airplane mode) so you can disconnect from the world and begin to power down yourself. By doing this, your body can begin to power down too and enter deep rest. It allows you to disconnect from the world and engage in self-reflection, meditation, or simply relaxation. This can invite in powerful dreams, less nerves and irritability throughout the day, and a stronger and powerful presence.

Make Yourself Some Tea

Think of some herbs or pre-made tea blends that nourish you in the ways you want. It could be a tea with chamomile for relaxation, mugwort to promote dreaming, or passionflower for a deep nights rest. Feel free to check out my Lucid tea, with ingredients that are known to promote lucid dreaming and deep sleep. Regardless of what you choose, let it be something that will help you unwind and be at peace. You are about to enter a state that allows you to recharge, so choose what charges you most. Your body takes this as a cue that your day is done and it is time to prepare to enter dreamtime.

Choose a Crystal or Power Object

Having something tangible to hold on to before bed and reflect on is a powerful and old way of healing. There are many crystals you can choose from to promote dreams, ground you, or open your heart. Hold on to it and set your intention, then set it by your bed. This will allow its energy to flow around you while you sleep or meditate.

Get Out Your Journal

Write down three things you did well today, and three things you want to improve. Think in terms of personal goals, physical goals, and spiritual and mental goals. Something powerful happens when you release your thoughts on paper before going to bed. You might find that you don’t wake up thinking about things, you sleep more soundly, and generally feel more at peace. Write down dreams, desires, things your grateful for, and maybe even a favorite poem or quote. Surround yourself with the words that inspire you. Dump your brain on the page so there is nothing gnawing at you in the middle of the night. This is the ultimate act of self-care.

When you enter your space to go to wind down, you enter a state of bliss. This space can provide the necessary support to go deep inside yourself and inspire creativity, healing, a deeper sense of wellbeing, and a calm state. It is a place you can always count on and once you train yourself to engage with it, you will reap the benefits every day.

What are some of your nighttime routines? Do you have any tips or tricks to share with everyone?

Please comment below and share your wisdom.