Ceremony, Tools, and Tips for October's Full Moon

Ani from Kozmic Ryder here to say happy Full Moon in sweet, sensual Taurus!

This full moon provides a much needed release from this month’s intense Scorpio energy. Many planets are in this deep water sign, and just yesterday, the sun entered as well, marking the beginning of Scorpio’s season. We’ve felt this intensity for the past few weeks, however. The beautiful part of the sun in Scorpio is this is the most potent and profound opportunity to feel and heal it all. Your emotions will most likely arise, and they are coming up for a reason — not to be suppressed, but to nourish and be taken care of. Heal with the light of the full moon in tenacious, strong Taurus.

Time to heal, nurture, and release in your most comfortable way. Taurean earthy energy is calming, stable, strong, and steady — a perfect tool to combat anyone acting from fear, manipulation, or emotions. Take note of the situations you’ve been in over the last few weeks. Process through any pain, upset, or drama tonight by feeling all your emotions and handling them responsibly. My advice is to write it all out and burn it, then bury the ashes in the Earth. You are a powerhouse of passion and purpose. Feel it all, but don’t let the little things block you from rising in your power. This time is Phoenix energy — burning then rising from its ashes. Rise stronger than ever. You got this.

Comfort and nurture yourself. Be gentle and tender. You have all the passionate energy in the world right now — you can turn it on yourself or others and drown or you can channel all of that energy into something bigger. Think of something you believe in, or something you want to know more about. Let the intense, inquisitive, transformative energy of Scorpio serve you by owning it. This time can be amazingly powerful if you let it be.

Focus on healing, on forgiveness, on love that goes beyond ego and into compassion and watch what comes your way.

Here are some tools you can use tonight:

Tarot Card: The Empress

The Empress reminds us to connect with the feminine side of life — this has nothing to do with gender, but the archetype behind it. She embraces beauty, nurturing, sensuality, and comfort. She is a symbol of a mother. Channel her energy on this Taurean full moon to find what grounds you, comforts you, and nurtures your soul.

Stone: Moss Agate

Moss agate is a powerful healing stone, deeply connecting you to the Earth. It is known to be stabilizing and strengthening. It is also known for its ability to attract abundance, which aligns with the Taurean energy as well. Feel held by the Earth supporting you during this time.

Essential Oil: Cypress

Connect with the energy of this oil to embrace change, transition, and shedding. This is an oil that supports you through that while calming and nourishing you. As always, ask a doctor before applying anything to your skin.  

Herb: Motherwort

I chose this plant for tonight because she is fiercely protecting. Her scientific name is Leonurus Cardiaca, which translates to lion-hearted. She is a mother, just like the Empress, and she is extremely nourishing to the nervous system. She can help calm you down like no other. You can take her in a tincture, sit by her, find some dried motherwort and burn it, or just hold her near your heart. And again, check with a doctor before taking any herb.

Song: The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin

“Upon us all, a little rain must fall.” This song reminds us of change, transition, and hardship that we are all connected in. Feel into it, take a deep breath and release. Let this song bring you peace and solidarity.

Color —  Green

Let your candle, paper, or outfit reflect the color green — the color of the heart, of nurturing, of life itself.

Environment and Pose

Make yourself as cozy as you can. This is going to be unique to everyone. Engage all your senses in the most comfortable way. Make the lights the way you prefer, put on your most comfortable jammies, make the scents just right, and get in a position that supports your unique body.

Here’s my ritual for tonight:

Step one:

Embrace the Taurean energy. Engage your senses as much as you can — feed yourself a nourishing meal, put on something smooth against your skin, light some yummy scented candles, get the lighting perfect for you to relax in. You’re here, alive, present, and about to make some magic happen for yourself. Welcome.

Step Two:

Time to write, reflect, or process.

What are you ready to shed while being held in this steady, stable energy? What emotions are coming up for you? Maybe you feel relieved to be letting go, or you are grieving. Or maybe you are feeling out of sorts and just plain off. Maybe you’re feeling good and energized. Dig into it all. Lean into what is coming up and get to know the root of it. Whatever you’re feeling is coming up for a reason for you to pay attention to.

Step Three:

Now check in with yourself — what baby steps do you need to take to fully release? Do you need to cry? Do you need to eat a big yummy meal? Do you need to go out and dance it off? How about listening to your favorite songs to remember what you’re made of? Or, maybe, you just need to cozy up on the couch and fall asleep to your favorite movie. It should be instinctual, whatever is coming up is the right thing for you to do, as long is it is healthy (and, in this case, eating a massive piece of cake is healthy — ask any Taurus).

Step Four:

Process. This is some intense energy and the work you are doing tonight is sacred and powerful. Drink water, be gentle with yourself. Get in tune with your unique definition of radical self-care. Sure, a bubblebath and a mask might feel good, but radical self-care is going beyond that. It is making peace with situations you have no control over, finding out how you can release guilt, blame, shame, expectations, and ill feelings toward someone else. Tonight is about life-altering forgiveness to yourself, to others, to the world itself. And then taking the steps to find and enforce your own boundaries in the world.

Make tonight beautiful, make it yours. This is your night. Rewrite, reclaim, be ready to be reborn. There’s a reason the word lunatic has the word “luna” in it. The history is tied to the full moon. Legend says that the full moon makes us all “crazy.” I say it sheds light on our fears and desires — which I guess is its own form of craziness. Release, and be ready to step into your power and truth.

Moon cycles are opportunities. Harness this power to do the work that you’d need to do anyway, but now you are held and supported and turning it into ritual and magic. I love using this energy to gain self-awareness, strength, and sheer determination and clarity.

Happy full moon my loves — make it magical.

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