5 Things to Shed Right Now


We’re almost done with Libra season and we’re entering Scorpio’s season, the time when deep transformation and rebirth are called in. This time is about shedding — look at the trees outside transforming and letting their excess shed. We are nature, and we are following suit. The winds of change are here and I say let them carry you away.

Now is the time to begin to ask yourself; what do I need to shed? How can I embody the mysteries of the snake and of the phoenix, embracing rebirth?

Chances are, you’ve heard someone tell you to just let it go. Sounds great… but what they don’t tell you is how. There are so many people and articles saying this, but not enough explaining what to exactly let go of. I’m here to help. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself into your own depths for even just a moment. Here are some examples of things you can shed during this season.


There are no lower vibrations than guilt and shame. They are actually the lowest frequencies we can vibrate to. It causes people to act on these feelings in a very damaging cycle. Think about the things you feel guilty or shameful about, and be patient with yourself. Remind yourself that mistakes happen, and every single human being has made them before. Guilt does nothing but hold you back, so every time you begin to feel it, check in with yourself — did you make amends in every way you could? Are you actively nourishing yourself to ensure it doesn’t happen again? If those are a yes, then let the work you’re doing now be the reflection of your character — not what you have done wrong.


The quickest way to disappointment is through expectations. Whether on yourself or others, unrealistic expectations often lead to unnecessary let downs. By releasing them, you are setting yourself up to always be pleasantly surprised. It can be difficult to release expectations, especially if you are excited about something. Instead, focus on things you can control, like your reactions. I like to do a little birthing process where I go to a pool, bath, or body of water. I dunk three times, one to let go of the past, one to let go of the expectations, and one more time to be born into the present moment. I like to do this during the full moon. It is a tangible way to set out that intention.

Other People’s Mistakes

You can’t control other people, as much as you may sometimes want to. If someone messes up and it causes you strife, you must learn to let it go. Of course, we’re not all zen masters. This one can be tricky. However, this is one of the most freeing processes because it instills a level of faith. Trust the process — that means every bump, mistake, and accident are divinely placed. See this as an addition to a perfect puzzle. People are the perfect reflections and you can learn from what they do wrong. It’s a blessing, sometimes an annoying one, or maybe even a painful one, but it can serve you if you let it.

Your Past

Every single person in creation has something they are not pleased with in their past. Repeat that in your head. It is comforting that we’re all in this together. It is what connects us all on such a deep and profound level. As you grow, you make “mistakes”, and that is why life is worth living. It is through mistakes that you are able to reach new heights. It may sound cliché, but it is so for a reason. You are here, now, perfectly imperfect and everything you have experienced is feeding your soul. Breathe, and let go.

Fear and Doubt

One of the wisest riddles goes like this: Imagine a duck in a glass bottle. The neck of the bottle is too small to allow the duck through. The bottle is perfectly formed and has no trick bottoms or other openings. How do you get the duck out of the bottle without damaging either the duck or the bottle?

The answer is simple — there is no duck, and no bottle, so just imagine the duck out of the bottle! We often fear and worry about problems that aren’t even there. Your imagination can get carried away, so let it carry you home.  Learn the difference between healthy discernment and unnecessary fear, worry, and doubt. Use fear as a yellow light, not a red light.

We all are in this life together. Let go of the pressure that you can so easily put on yourself. Check your perspective and see that this is all perfect. Life is about learning, growing, experiencing good and bad, and loving through it all. So, be patient with yourself — it’s all good.

Ani FerliseComment