Ceremony, Tools, and Astrology for October’s New Moon


Happy new moon — a time where manifestation is high. The Earth’s soil is more fertile during a new moon, and the seeds you plant are more likely to flourish. The same idea applies to setting intentions. New moons are about embracing your magnetism. It’s a time to reset, redo, plant, ask, pray, and attract what you want to you. Typically, the new moon is about going inward to get clear on the goals and intentions you want to set. And this new moon in Libra is a particularly potent time to understand what you want and how you want to get there.

Libra, ruled by Venus which just went retrograde, is a sign of harmony, balance, and justice. Libras are also very interested in relationships and with Venus retrograde — a lot of heavy energy falls into this realm of life right now. Whether you are single or in a relationship, what is your relationship with love? What are your boundaries? What stories are you telling yourself that love isn’t real or love isn’t safe? We all have a reason to run from all forms of love — self, romantic, familial, or friendship. You can reject love, or you can heal yourself to accept it. And there is no greater victory than truly being able to receive love.

New moons allow you to rethink, rework, go inward, and start anew. Think of yourself as a manifesting magnet right now. What kind of love do you want to experience? Think new patterns, new perspectives, new ways. Think of the way you are showing up for your loved ones. How can you act as the standard of love you wish to receive? Leave no room for guessing — be the love. Finally, think of the balance of love in your life. Now is the time to balance the different relationships in your life and nurture them equally.

Here are some tools for tonight.

Tarot Card: The Queen of Swords

Ruled by Libra, the Queen of Swords is all about cutting through illusion and seeing truth. She has a direct, reality based approach and uses her discernment. She embodies crone energy — the wise, older woman. She doesn’t let her emotions cloud her decision making and is grounded and strong in her truth. Meditate with this card when you need strength and grounding during an emotional time.  

Stone: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a common and very powerful crystal. It is known to promote love in all of its forms. The most beneficial aspect for tonight is its ability to aid in self-love. Because love is always around you as long as you are open to it and don’t reject it.

Essential Oil: Clary Sage

Clary Sage helps to nourish emotions, aid in seeing truth, and connect you with the divine feminine. She helps in finding your path in the darkest of times, acting as a guide. My favorite online oil company is Florihana, but any reputable, safe, and sustainable company will do. And as always, check with a doctor before applying anything to your skin.

Herb: Damiana

Damiana is a great ally for tonight. She can hold space for you, help to open your heart, help you find your strength, and embrace love on all levels. This healing herb can be steeped in tea, held, burned, or whichever way feels good to you. You can harvest her yourself or get her from your local herb shop. Check with your doctor before ingesting any herb.

Song: Albatross by Fleetwood Mac

Let this beautiful, instrumental song carry you away in the waves of emotion. The title, Albatross, has deep rooted symbolism in classic poetry and literature. Let it be a reminder to not ignore or reject the blessings in your life out of fear.

Color —  Green

Let your candle, paper, or outfit reflect the color green. This is the color of healing, of the heart chakra, harmony, nature, and renewal.

Environment and Pose

Sit down in your own space tonight. A place that grounds you and feels like home. Sit up but on the ground with your tailbone aligned. Feel free to move around — let this be your anchor.

Here’s my ritual for tonight:

Step one:

Get sensual. Put on a beautiful scent, wear something that feels nice on your skin, put on your music, get in a comfortable position, make a nourishing cup of tea. Unwind. Breathe. Feel into it. You’re here, alive, present, and about to make some magic happen for yourself. Welcome.

Step Two:
Write. Think. Process. This is making it real. Some reflections to consider are:

    • We all have a reason to run from love. A reason to believe it isn’t real or safe. Are you ready to let of of that idea? The first step is acknowledging the fact that you have your own back. You are solid, secure, and a unique, powerful, independent force on your own. Love will never complete you because you are already whole. It can supercharge you when it is balanced, nurtured, and empowered. Are you taking too much? Are you giving too much? What are ways you can balance out your relationships?

    • Think about the difference between walls versus boundaries. Walls are built from fear to keep people out in order to not be hurt. Boundaries are out of love and power, rooted from a place of deep self-awareness and knowing. One is about fear, and the other is from self-respect. Can you discern what your boundaries versus your walls are?

    • What is your idea of love? Consider taking a love language quiz (that you can find online) and getting to know the ways you give and receive love. This isn’t just about romantic love either, it is friendship and familial as well.

Step Three:

Write out your boundaries. Write out what you want your love to feel like. Begin to make your standards tangible so you don’t forget them. Write out what you want with love. This time is about planting the seeds of what you want, so get very clear and very real with yourself.  

Step Four:
Take care of yourself. Self-care is sometimes hard, what are some radical acts of self-care that you need? Think of boundaries, and replacing old toxic relationships, thoughts, or patterns with ones that will serve you. Embrace baby steps — make it digestible to make it sustainable. Add it to your daily schedule.

Make tonight beautiful, make it yours. This is your night.  New moons allow me to go deep inside myself and let my truth surface. Sometimes that comes up through emotions, through ideas, or through desires… listen to them all. Moon cycles are opportunities. Harness this power to do the work that you’d need to do anyway, but now you are held and supported and turning it into ritual and magic. I love using this energy to gain self-awareness, strength, and sheer determination and clarity.

I’ll be hosting a small ceremony in Portland, Oregon — and as always, it’s free. If you can’t make it, feel free to share your experiences, truth, and perspectives by commenting below or shooting me an email and I may feature it in the next e-zine — ani@kozmicryder.com.

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