Get Cozy — Essential Oil Blends for Fall

There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of fall — Halloween movies, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything to name a few. However, there is something extra powerful and comforting about the scents of fall.

There is magic is afoot, and I say we get as sensory as possible to welcome in all the good autumn juju that can enhance our magic and good feelings. I have crafted these essential oil blends to welcome in the winds of change and to embrace every ounce of fall coziness. Embrace these synergies to inspire nostalgia, comfort, relaxation, and enchantment.


Cardamom, Clove, Ginger

With fall comes the yearning for the smell of spice to match the crisp feelings of the outdoors. This blend goes hand in hand with muffins, cider, pumpkin picking, hay rides, and cozy sweaters. From tummy massages to an air freshener, cardamom essential oil has many uses. Ginger is also great for tummy troubles, as well as giving off a scent reminiscent of chai when blended with clove and cardamom. Add three drops of cardamom, one drop of ginger, and two drops of clove essential oil for a perfectly balanced concoction to put into a diffuser, or add to a spritzer of distilled water to spray on countertops or blankets and pillows.

Cedarwood, Frankincense, Neroli

This blend captures the crispness of fall, and inspires grounding and clear, positive thinking. Frankincense is an oil that helps induce dreams, vision, and clarity. It reminds me of the north star. There’s a reason why Jesus was gifted this heavenly scent — it is a way to directly communicate with the divine. Adding cedarwood is allowing your feet to be on the ground while your head is in the stars. It is as grounding as walking on a fresh, forest floor. Think of yourself as a big cedar tree, rooted deeply and growing. Neroli is a truly loving and magical scent, capturing the sun’s energy. It will bring that same feeling of stepping out in an autumn morning, as the sun begins to bellow out, and you take a deep, crisp, breath. Blend 3 drops of frankincense, 2 drops of Neroli, and 1 drop of cedarwood.

Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Leaf, Bergamot

This blend captures childhood feelings of fall — togetherness, comfort, and a constant sense of magic and wonder.  Cinnamon leaf is amazing for cleansing a space, both spiritually and physically. Mixed with sweet orange and bergamot, this cozy fall blend will promote uplifting — a good mood, a deep breath, and a calm state of mind. Mix 1 drop of cinnamon, 2 drops of sweet orange, and 2 drops of bergamot for this one.

Essential oils can help you connect to your own senses, the elements, and create a desired meditative state. They are a great way to feel inspired and make your house feel like home, which is such a beautiful part of autumn time. We are about to enter the period of inwardness, of darkness, and transformation. Let these blends be a way to nourish yourself so much so that everything that doesn’t suit you falls away.

You can channel the essences of fall and be in the flow of the seasons when you remember to breathe in the moment. Get creative! Mix and match the blends, put them into sprays, right in your diffuser, or into a carrier oil. As always, check in with a specialist or doctor before applying anything to your body or surroundings. Be sure to honor the plants in which the oils came to have a truly magical experience.

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