October Meditation


Here is a meditation you can do as much as you’d like during the month of October.

Breathe deep. Do you feel that? The leaves are changing color and falling to the ground, the air is turning crisp, the nights are becoming longer than the days, and you are left in the midst of all this transformation. October is the month of powerful change, deep transformative magic, and this month in particular it is amplified by many planets dancing in Scorpio energy, strongly aiding in this personal change toward empowerment and betterment. Immerse yourself deeply into your inner workings, ask— how am I ready to transform?

Step one

This meditation will be a powerful one, so make yourself comfortable. You may want to lay down or prop your back up with some pillows. Create an undisturbed space, turn off your phone and lights, light candles, and take a deep breath. Inhale richly and exhale deeply. Do this until you feel present and grounded, and if your mind begins to wander, come back to your breath, inhale, exhale…

Step Two

Now, ask yourself the question, how am I ready to transform? Remember transformation can appear a burden, a feeling of resentment or sadness, or a constant tugging on your sleeve until you take action. Think about the parts of yourself you don’t necessarily want to have anyone else see — your shadow self. Honor yourself fully — look fearlessly at the jealous, manipulative, scared, self-serving, or angry versions of you. The good news? You’re a powerful alchemist. You can transform those feelings into ones that serve you.

Step Three

Reflect on this:

I’m here to remind you that you can’t numb or run from your pain. But this pain is your power. It is your unyielding friend who guides you where you need to be — to ultimate truth. Let this pain be your guide to purge out excess energy weighing on you. This is how you transform the pain into power. Remember those moments after a good cry and you feel lighter? Everything seems a bit better? Real release happened. And healing is not linear, you might need to cry and be happy then cry all over again. But that is a sacred, beautiful process that helps you become alive.

You do not need to change yourself. You need to make friends with yourself. You need to heal the parts of yourself that act out of shadow or fear or pain. You don’t need to cleanse yourself of negativity, you need to fill yourself up so completely that the parts that no longer serve you pour out of you. You need to protect and serve yourself, nurture yourself, and that is radical self-love and self-care. This creates empathy, compassion, and power.

Step Four

Being deeply honest is freedom. Once you look at your shadow, it doesn’t seem that big. To become truly, divinely, and authentically you is to fully accept your humanity. You are human, you are not perfect, and you have adopted coping mechanisms to get through life. Life is all about understanding what your truth is, and what you are willing to transform. No one else on this planet can do what you’re here to do, and everything you have picked up, experienced, and healed is a part of who you are. By accepting your personal transformation, willing to face the dark and living your purpose, you empower others to do the same. Together, we can journey and heal. Write it all out. Log your path, let it be your own novel and self-help book. Take this time to write it all out.

Step Five

Now, fully integrated, whole, and empowered, you can heal and love more deeply than before. Becoming aware is not always easy, so this step is all about being patient with yourself from here on. When you notice a part of your shadow coming up, embrace it, acknowledge it, and own it. Love it by nurturing it. No shame, no guilt, no blame, just make yourself comfortable and steady and face it head on with strength and fierce fire in your heart.

When you journey into the curiosities of your own consciousness, your relationship with yourself grows stronger and you stand in your power. Allowing yourself to begin this journey is an act of self-love. Many people are holding the same intention during this meditation, making it a powerful reminder that we are all connected and in this together.