How to Find the Magic in the Mundane


With Samhain and Halloween coming up, the veils thinning, and spooky season at an all time high, there is one thing at the forefront of everyone’s mind — MAGIC. 

I have kind of a different take on magic. I think it could totally be in these sacred, set aside rituals that happen on the moon phases and holy days. But I think the most powerful form of magic is what we do in our daily lives. 

Magic in the mundane is turning every single thing you do into a sacred ritual. I mean everything — from cooking a fall veggie stew, to cleaning your floors after company, to self-pleasuring, to grocery shopping in the freezer section, to your morning commute stuck in traffic, to going to the club with your best friends, to taking a shower, to brushing your hair, to conversations with a new crush, to your morning cup of joe. 

This life is fucking magical. Every moment we live on this planet is a sacred, truly precious experience. We have the power to make everything mind-blowingly potent because we humans are truly powerful creatures. 

Here’s the thing. We are in constant co-creation with everything in life. Our ancestors saw raw crops, and they made a cooked meal out of it. We saw some strings and wood and we made music from it. We transform little gifts that the divine throws at us and we make something fucking amazing from it. And we can do that every second of every single day, if we set our minds to it. 

I have so many people asking me for specific rituals, or how to pray “correctly”, or how to manifest. I say, you are already doing it! We are already in communion because we exist on this earth, we are already praying because we are speaking and thinking, we are already doing rituals because we move throughout our day. 

I say take what you are already doing, and make it sacred. So all of a sudden, when you are pouring your morning cup of coffee, you pour a little bit out on the ground outside for the land spirits. Or when you are stirring your veggie stew with cashew cream, you are speaking prayers and stirring clockwise to unlock even more nutrients and supercharge your food, when you clean your floors, you are spiritually cleansing and grounding the energy of your home, when you shower, you imagine all the energy of the day going down the drain. 

My love, you are not a human being having a spiritual experience sometimes on a good acid trip or visiting a sacred sight. You are a spiritual being having a human experience, and your power never, ever leaves you. 

There is nothing more you have to do or not do to cultivate your magic. You are the magic. And setting it out means to just turn your attention to the fact that you have incredible power, and the most mundane of chores can become our daily devotions to spirit and to ourselves. 

Tending to our bodies, our homes, our loved ones, our craft, our creativity, our desires, our passions, our work are all a part of this sacred dance. So many people think we have to reject all these things to become a truly “spiritual being” — I say that whatever created us knew exactly what they were fucking doing when they put us in these skin suits, and there is no sense wasting this life and all of the magical gifts that the daily whirlwind gifts us trying to not be a human living in this world when we are one. 

So rather than always trying to go up and out of your body, try expanding within your own bones. Try finding the divinity in each day. The ritual of life itself. The magic in the mundane.