August Reflection and Meditation


August — the sun is hot and huge, the air is dry, but there is an element of transition in the air as we begin to move into the next season. With all this happening, it is a powerful time to figure out where you want to channel your energy the most. Life can get hectic, and your energy can become scattered and less powerful. This month, let your focus be your driving force into happiness and fulfillment. Hone in on your truth — ask yourself: Which part of my life needs more focus?

Step One
Find a spot to unwind, and begin to breathe. Let your belly inhale richly and exhale deeply. Listen to the sound of your breath. Maybe move your body a little bit. Maybe shake things off. Begin to notice your thoughts drifting and mind relaxing with every breath you take.

Step Two 
Once you feel that your mind is more at ease, begin to reflect on the question, which part of my life needs more focus?  The answer may seem obvious at first, but allow yourself to go deep within your thoughts, noticing each one. Maybe there is a small, yet important part of your life that you’ve been ignoring and need to tend to. Maybe there is a small desire in you that you never really entertained, but has always been present. Allow each desire to rise up, then honor it.

Step Three
You are calling on your own inner wisdom to guide you to your truth. When you are on your soul’s path, serendipity, fulfillment, and genuine happiness await you. The beginning step to getting there is to learn about yourself, reflect, and go towards what makes you feel the most inspired. No thoughts that you have are an accident, be curious about everything that you see.

Step Four 
Go forth and engage in the areas of your life you want to channel your energy into. Whether it is taking time to be more creative, spending more time with family, practicing meditation more, or whatever you discovered, live it. This is your truth. You attract what you focus your energy on, so make it precious. So, this month, guide your energy to the forces that entice you.

When you journey into the curiosities of your own consciousness, your relationship with yourself grows stronger and you stand in your power. Allowing yourself to begin this journey is an act of self-love. Many people are holding the same intention during this reflection and meditation, making it a powerful reminder that we are all connected and in this together.