The Sacred Art of the Cosmic Promise


You don’t need to climb a mountain and fast for several days, or apprentice with an old witch in order to experience magic and divinity. It is in everything, in every moment. And right now, I bet you’re thinking something along the lines of — Yeah that’s cool for you Ani, but I can’t connect like that. I got too much going on and I’m not psychic or in tune, and I don’t even know where to start.

Well, I’ve been there. So I went off and meditated on a mountain and studied with an old witch, and although I got a lot there, that’s not what activated this love affair with magic and spirit.

It was a realization.

Every single day, you have a choice. A chance.

From the moment you wake up, till the second your head hits the pillow at night, you can choose the lens in which you look at life through. This does not mean that you won’t feel any uncomfortable emotions, or that you won’t get stuck in traffic, or that your co-workers will all of a sudden respect your time and work. What it does mean, however, is being in complete union with whatever you answer to. It’s a powerful choice that feels like you have an ongoing inside joke with the divine.

Your cosmic promise is your intention. That word has been thrown around so much that it has lost a lot of meaning. Claim this powerful ability to choose and genuinely dedicate yourself to it every day.

Firstly, ask yourself — Who or what do I answer to?  

It could be love, or your higher self, or truth, or the divine, God, Allah, a Goddess, the highest good, the universe — whatever sits right with you. Then, tune in for five minutes first thing in the morning with that force. Feel it in your bones. Invite it in. Ask that force to guide you, protect you, nourish you, and give you support. Commune fully with this force.

Be conscious that your cosmic promise does not interfere with anyone else’s free will, and that it aligns with whatever or whoever you answer to. Make sure it is coming from a place that aligns with your authentic self, not what you think you ought to be promising.

A cosmic promise can never be broken. So make sure it is something attainable that you can stick to for the duration of the day. It can be to drink two bottles of water, or to do one kind thing today, or to read for a half hour, or something more broad, like you will choose to look at life through the lens of love to the best of your ability.

Picture it like putting on a pair of glasses in the morning. Let the glasses change your vision to this force. If it’s love, start to look through and for love everywhere you go. Notice the way a little kid looks at a passing puppy, notice when you see a couple hug in the grocery store, see it in a random act of kindness that would get overlooked, and then extend it to larger, more complicated situations. Where can you find love in an argument? In complex relationships? In the news? You don’t have to completely master it right away, but the point is to try on the glasses and look around for a while.

After you put on your glasses, set your intention for the day. This is the choice you are making. This is your Cosmic Promise. And it will revolutionize your life. I am not saying that lightly. Choosing your cosmic promise is going to change your life. But only if you choose it every. single. day.

My daily Cosmic Promise is to be in service as best as I can, and look at everything through the lens of the sacred. To dance in the delights of life and receive pleasure from each moment, while honoring the sanctity of any emotion rising. And to hold space in a deep, powerful, loving, way for the greatest good, with honor and reverence to all.

It’s a tall order but it works for me. So, my love, what is your cosmic promise? What are you willing to dedicate your day to? What magic do you wish to serve, and have move through you? In other words: What is your magic?

You are the magic. You are the ceremony. You are the ritual. Your life is filled with fleeting moments of power and pleasure. When you choose to step into your promise, you go into a state of surrender. Suddenly, you don’t need to hustle. You don’t need to prove much. All you need to do is show up and trust that the right actions will be shown at the right time. And it is not a place of passivity, but a place of power. Are you ready?

What is your cosmic promise? Share with us all below and totally claim it!