What If I Told You That Spirituality Was Supposed to be Fun?


I used to think spirituality was reserved for a very certain kind of person. Still to this day, when I hear the word “spiritual” I think of a raw vegan and completely rejects the modern world, and spends the majority of their life in meditation, listening to flute music on a sheepskin and wearing organic cotton outfits all one color. Anyone else? I think that spiritual image has dominated the media — and has become the ultimate picture of “new age.”

Well, if we’re being honest here, that does not seem fun to me. That doesn't seem pleasurable, or authentic. And I have seen a lot of people give up because they think they’re not spiritual if that don’t fit that image.

You, completely and wholly and holy, as you are, are the magic. You are spirit. Whether you are on a mountain or on a dance floor, there is magic to be had.

Your version of spirituality might look like the raw vegan person I mentioned earlier, and if you find pleasure in that, more power to you! Personally, I find my spirituality in cooking chicken parmesan, dancing to Cardi, doing breath work to The Velvet Underground, and genuinely connecting with people. I wear band t-shirts and loud patterned sequin pants. I love to go out and I laugh really, really, loudly. What all this brings me is pleasure. And my pleasure is my spirituality.

And same goes for you. Whatever things genuinely call to you from a soul level, whether it is your love of beauty, or your need to blast music and dance, or to zone out on your commute, is your spirituality. Your authenticity is your religion. Whatever is up there has created you exactly how you are, and your divine purpose is wrapped up in whatever it is that truly calls to you.

So my love, follow what calls you, not what you think should be calling you. What you are truly drawn to is no accident… there is magic for you there. The world needs you to be you. Whether you are wearing organic cotton or not. Happy journeying.