February Kozmic Guidance — Time to Rebirth, Renew, and Rejuvenate


Happy new month, my sweet loves! So happy you’re here. February is going to be a comforting, grounding, stabilizing month. Eclipse season is going to rest, all planets are direct and moving with ease, and we welcome in sensitive and strong energy to guide us along the way. We are in the midpoint of winter, welcoming the change of season, the person we always needed to be, and the paths we are choosing to take. Get ready and mark your calendars!

February 2  — Imbolc

Imbolc is one of the holidays on the Celtic Wheel. Look around, feel into it, do you feel the shifting energy? Can you sense that winter is coming to an end? Can you see the light? We are in the midpoint of winter, and it is about to shift. This time is sacred because it is an opportunity to ceremoniously celebrate rebirth, renewal, innocence, purity, and purging the old to make way for the new. Marking the end of winter is a way to step into the unknown magic of infinite potential. The change of the season is here, now you can welcome in the magic of spring and the comfort of warmth. This holiday is associated with Brigid, the Saint or Goddess of the Hearth. So to celebrate, work with the home and with fire. Bring in the sacred flame by lighting candles, cleanse and purify by cleaning your home physically and energetically and getting rid of anything that you don’t need, and try to meditate and spend some time outside. The light is quickly returning — embrace it.

February 3 — Venus Enters Capricorn

The planet of love, harmony, and relationship is entering the hardworking sign of Capricorn. Venus is a powerful planet that focuses not just on romantic relationship, but our relationship to everything and everyone. Notice how your desire for structure in the workplace, or to make connection with people who support your path increases. We are also inviting a lot of stable and committed energy to connection, so now would be a great time to start to seek likeminded friends and people who truly inspire you. With the new moon coming up tomorrow, it is a time of planting seeds. This energy helps us hone in on exactly what kind of relationship would feel the best for you.

Feb 4 — New Moon in Aquarius

Happy new moon, my love! New moon is new energy. Feel that? It feels like a deep breath. This is a calm, loving new moon that is rippled with beautiful opportunities of healing, new connections, and planting new seeds. This new moon is also known as Lunar Imbolc, and pair that with a harmonious connection to Neptune, the planet of spirituality, Saturn, the planet of organization, and the sun and moon sitting cozy together, this is an amazing new moon of balance and setting attainable goals and creating the steps and having the faith to reach them. How exciting! Breathe into this one, the energy over the past few months has been pretty intense. Eclipse season brought about a lot of anxiety or frantic thoughts, and now we get to nestle up, nourish ourselves, and gain clarity and connection. Make way for the blessings you want, and figure out the baby steps to getting there. You got this. Enjoy this precious night.

Feb 5 — Chinese New Year

Happy lunar new year! This is the year of the Earth Pig, meaning that it is a time to take a breath, relax, and find what brings you joy. This isn’t to say stop working or overindulge, it means indulge in amazing self-care and be present enough to receive it! This is the year to take that vacation, to make sweet love, eat amazing food, and to find the tiny moments in life that soothe your soul and inspire feelings of reward on every level. It is a time to do good, and receive good. Who is ready for this type of energy blessing our lives? I know I am!

Feb 10 — Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury, the planet of communication and thoughts enters sensitive, intuitive, dreamy Pisces. Hello, creativity and intuition! Now is the time to listen to our psychic skills a little extra. Pisces is known to be extremely sensitive, so be aware of the information you are taking in, and the ways in which you are communicating. Dig deep into the mystery of your imagination. Get out your dream journal. Listen to your gut. Get out your paint or your dancing shoes, and tell a story that way, too. Now is an amazing time to communicate expressively and creatively, and let the magic flow through you. Remember to always be discerning and keep yourself grounded. Think feet on the ground, head in the stars.

Feb 14 — Mars Enters Taurus

The planet of action, force, and assertion is entering the sign of stability, groundedness, and practicality. It just left impulsive and brash Aries, and enters into a more stable and patient energy. Do you feel that shift? The ways in which we show up in the world will be a bit more thought-through and strong. The fire has turned to earth energy, and longterm results are celebrated.

Feb 18th — Chiron Enters Aries

Chiron, the planetoid known as the “wounded healer,” has made its way around the zodiac and comes back to Aries, the sign of the self.  It will be here until 2027, and hasn’t been in Aries in 50 years. That means this is the end of a 50 year cycle. Moving into Aries, Chiron can highlight exactly where you need to nurture yourself in terms of where you feel shame, or feel the need to prove yourself, or any feelings of self-worth. Now is the time to ask yourself — how can I nurture myself? How can I heal myself? What do I need?

Chiron is known to be the wounded healer because it is how we heal ourselves. This is your reminder that no person, accomplishment, or validation is going to make you feel good, heal, or save you. This is great news! Because you are the protagonist and the hero of your own journey! This is the time to give yourself what you have always needed and wanted to be okay. Listen to yourself. Tune into to the voice that comes up and tries to tell you that you’re not enough or you’re too much, and give it all the love you have. These can be a magical few years if you learn to truly love yourself, and give yourself the nourishment your soul has been starving for.

Feb 18th — Sun Enters Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Follow your intuition, instincts. Dream, rest, love, breathe.

Your spiritual and emotional body are calling. This is an amazing time to dig deeper into your beliefs and what supports you. Notice where your daydreams go. Notice where your mind takes you when you get to just not do anything. Be curious about it — you have these dreams and visions for a reason. They are there to align you with what you are here to do on this Earth. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t think about these things if they were not in you and a part of who you are. So during this sun cycle, get to know yourself in a way you may not have known before.

Feb 19th — Full Super Moon in Virgo

What seeds did you planet during the beginning of the month during the new moon? Now is a potent time to reap what you sewed. Virgo loves to have everything in order, structured, organized, and ready to go. It is also the sign of service. When this full, powerful moon enters this sign, it asks you to celebrate your sacred service. Honor yourself and the work you’ve done to get here. Celebrate and give thanks for the connections in your life. And clear yourself of anything standing in your way of walking your path.

Enjoy this month. Make it yours. You are powerful, you are here with purpose, and you are ready to give and receive blessings on blessings on blessings. Congratulations on rocking another month, here’s to more dreams planted and more opportunities collected.