Daily Magical Self Care Rituals

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As this nourishing month kicks off, let’s really make strides for self-care. Self-care is such a buzzword right now. There are so many people, Pinterest quotes, and articles yelling from the rooftops to self-care. Self-care covers a wide range of topics, from ending toxic relationships to washing your beautiful body with the right kind of soap. Thank Goddess that people are starting to realize the importance of taking care of yourself in every way. Now, let’s infuse some magic in our daily acts of self-care! Here are some ideas that can light a fire in your heart and get that magic movin’.

Create a Journal

The best thing about crafting your own journal is that you can write whatever you want. Purge your thoughts and jot down your aspirations. Then, write five things you’re thankful for. Studies show that people who log what they are grateful for daily are significantly happier than the people who don’t. Make it creative! Draw pictures, tape in photographs, press flowers in it — whatever you want. Take time to reflect on what you have and embody that feeling of peace. Let the feelings of appreciation and calmness wash over you. Ahh, sweet relief in a busy day!

In my journal, I write the phase of the moon and the sign it’s in, the date and the sign the sun is in, the phase I’m at in my own cycle, and the tarot card I chose for the day. This helps me track all the magic that surrounds me and sparks a ton of creativity!

Find Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. Go to YouTube and watch an interview with someone you admire. Read an article or story about your favorite musician or artist. Look into really empowering horoscopes that help with self-development and empowerment (I personally love Jaliessa Sipress, Chani Nicholas, and Jessica Lanyadoo.) Watch a movie clip that sparks something inside of you, or turn on your favorite song that soothes your soul. Research really great prayers, affirmations, spells, or recipes that sing to you. Go to a park and witness people interacting and being. Immerse yourself in the natural boost you’ll get when you feed your mind. The constant flow of inspiration will be a reminder that life is good.

This aligns your energy with something you truly believe in and therefore attracts more of it into your life. It is an invitation for some more of what feeds your soul.

Move Your Body

Who says exercise has to be strenuous or something to dread? Studies show that after a 20 minute walk, your brain actually releases more dopamine, making you happier than you were before! Walk outside, bike through a park, stretch out any way you want, or dance to your favorite music. Do what you love and enjoy it. This also releases any excess, stagnant energy laying dormant in your body. It helps to ground, become clear, and remain in your power.

Try standing in one place and slowly moving your body in a serpent-like flow. Get the shakti flowing. This is a form of moving meditation that really helps me drop into a place of divine presence and innocence, something that is really hard for me when I’m not moving.

Affirm, baby, Affirm!

Okay, if I’m being totally honest, I thought affirmations were total BS for the longest time. I didn’t even bother. But I tried affirmations for 40 days, and I have to say, they work like a charm. I relate them to saying a prayer. Choose an affirmation like you would choose a potion from a witch’s cauldron. These affirmations are like drinking an elixir to bring about magic you didn’t think was possible. At first you’re not going to believe it, but as time goes on, you’ll start to see outside forces supporting your affirmation. I always like to make mine “I am” statements. One of mine is “I am totally open to love, generosity, and kindness every moment.” Or,  “I am always in the right place at the right time.” My day to day has been blown open because of these! Try it and you’ll find out as well.

Energetically Cleanse and Ground Yourself

Whether it is taking a cleansing bath with epsom salt or magnesium flakes, concocting a balancing synergy of essential oils and spraying yourself, using protective symbols or sigils, crafting an herbal smoke cleansing bundle, or using palo santo — cleanse and ground, my loves! Just as you would take a shower to wash away the dirt of the day, you should do the same for your energetic body. My astrology teacher, JP Hawthorne, calls this “Energetic Hygiene.” It is so vital to our spiritual health and vital force. Find what works for you, and get creative with it. Try a couple different ways and choose whatever supports you in feeling lighter, more present, and more alive after.

Give Yourself a Massage

If you have breasts or a womb — massage them! I love using an herbal infused oil to give myself a breast massage every night before bed. Not only do the herbs help to nourish it, but it also is a great preventative way to give yourself a breast exam. It’s also an incredible way to get the energy flowing and honor your body, helping to ground and build your energy. You can massage anywhere on your body, and add essential oils to honor it. You can try massaging your feet for grounding, and add spikenard oil for honoring. Or massage your scalp with rosemary essential oil, which is known to stimulate hair health and growth, but is also the oil of remembrance and can help you remember past lives.  Any and every part of your body deserves to be honored. This can turn into a self-pleasure practice as well, and I recommend trying a crystal egg or crystal pleasure wand for powerful exploration and healing — but more on that later.

Drink Your Brew, Baby

Try communing with herbs that have some magical properties to them. You can find the magical properties of any herb from a variety of sources, one of the most popular being Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, but you can also look online for loads of information. Do your research and use your intuition to see what will work best for your body.

The Lucid Tea blend, and all the blends I have coming up, are chosen with both metaphysical and physiological properties in mind. The properties of Cronewort (mugwort), Damiana, Rose, and all the other ingredients are known to induce a lot of powerful magic, protection, and guidance. They are known to physically induce lucid dreaming and a relaxed state of being. Try this blend to start, or craft your own!

Every one of these acts can take as much or as little time as you need. Fit these into your daily life with the intention of taking care of yourself. Watch your happiness and overall health improve this month as you bloom in harmony with the flowers outside.

What are some ways you plan to practice your daily self-care? Share by commenting below and lets share some tips, tricks, and tools!