That Time I Craved Chicken Parm and My Whole Life Changed. And I’m Giving Away a Lucid Kit!


What if every single action was a miracle, an opportunity to see the divinity in each day? What messages would you receive? Where would you be guided, and to whom? What would find its way to you?

A wise woman once told me that spirit communicates with us by a whisper, a flick, a 2X4, then a mac truck. Imagine what life would be like if we could all just listen to the whisper? If we could see how truth and guidance can trickle into our lives gracefully?

I started the practice of listening to the whisper many years ago, when I made the choice to go up on Mount Shasta when I was about 19 years old to find a connection to spirit. I was living in New York and I had a particularly bad anxiety attack, and I called my mom at 3am in total panic mode. She connected me with someone she knew, and then she connected me with someone she knew, who then suggested I go on this journey to one of the holiest power centers on the planet. Then, suddenly, I found myself on a plane. I hiked all the way to Panther Meadow towards the top, I fasted the whole time (never again), I was alone, and I was in awe of my trust. It was my first time ever even camping and my first time on the West Coast — but this journey called and I answered.

Well, let me tell you, most of that time was spent thinking of how badly I wanted chicken parm. On the very last day of being there, I was sitting by the water and something amazing happened. A bee landed on me, then another one, then even more. Suddenly, I was in cosmic awe. I was open. I listened to this 2X4, too hungry to pay attention to the whisper I suppose, and I decided right then and there I was going to move to the west coast and start studying plant medicine and healing. And from there, it snowballed. The calls got more and more quiet but I heard them so much stronger. Because I chose to. My life is the way it is because I chose to listen to the faintest calls. So now, tune in… what are you hearing?
This week, try really listening to everything. Just for this week, look through the lens of the mythic. Open your eyes to something deeper. If someone recommends a book, go find it. If a random song catches your attention more than usual, listen to the lyrics, no matter how silly. Do the same kind of birds keep trying to get your attention? Crows, starlings, seagulls, hawks? What dreams are you having? Research their meaning and get curious.

Take these passing, fleeting mundane moments that upon first glance mean little, and dig deep into them — that is actively living prayer. That is embracing the sanctity around us. Find the messages as if life is a scavenger hunt.

Spirit, God, Goddess, Creator, Guides, Angels — whatever forces that be that resonate with you — are constantly sending us messages. In nature, in messages spoken to us, in every day miracles that we get to bear witness to but our human mind tries to rationalize.

And Big News -

I am doing a giveaway for a Kozmic Ryder Lucid Dreaming Kit. I crafted this Lucid kit with the intent for everyone to actively live a prayer. To see even the most mundane action, like sleeping, is an opportunity to connect with the divine. To listen to the whispers. My biggest, greatest passion in life is to help remind people that life is short, powerful, profound, and full of purpose. This is my way of accomplishing that.

If you would like a chance at winning the box, check out my latest Instagram post and follow the instructions in the caption. I want to make these as accessible as possible so you can connect with the magic with ease and flow.

Sending you big love.