Magic on the Winter Solstice — A Guide to Intention Setting


The winter solstice is all about calling the light back to us. It is the darkest day of the year with the longest night, and throughout history, it was believed that the sun was reborn and the light returns. This idea has been celebrated by the Celts, the Druids, and in places like Peru and ancient Egypt, as well as different Pagan religions. After this day, the days begin to get longer and longer as we make our way through the Wheel of the Year.

With the rebirth of light comes an incredible opportunity to plant some seeds that will grow as the light does, being nourished by its warmth.

This winter solstice leading up to the new year, let’s drop resolutions made from self-doubt and hate and embrace intentions and solutions! Here’s your guide to setting out the right kind of energy.


First, it is important to reflect on the years before you. Take time to measure where you once were versus where you are now, reliving all the lessons and blessings you have encountered. It is a powerful time of honoring the past and thinking about growth and expansion. This is a time of deep gratitude, giving thanks for all that has gotten you to this point.

Get Clear

Next, think about new opportunities, lessons, people, and growth you want to attract. Get clear on what you truly need in your life. Think less about what you want, and focus on what is going to truly feed you. Think outside the box on this one, like asking for a different perspective over an outcome.

Watch Your Focus

This year, instead of focusing on anything wrong, focus on your personal actions. When you go about your desires and perspectives with pure self-love and compassion, it changes the frequency of your intentions you are setting out. It creates a more positive and loving effect which then, in turn, is what you are going to attract. So, with this information, how can you use all of your energy in the highest way?

Tune Into Your Energy

Instead of making resolutions, which turns your focus on a problem, focus on solutions and intentions. How can your ability of creation help yourself, the Universe, mankind, and loved ones? Knowing that you have this power, where do you wish to channel it?

When you focus on solutions through love and acknowledge the amount of virtue you possess, you are able to truly make an impact. There’s no way you could criticize yourself or focus on the negative when you see yourself in your true light!

Make it Practical

A common example of an intention is getting fit. Many people want it, but why? When people are putting a lot of energy into changing themselves because they don’t like what they look like, it is channeling a bunch of energy into negative self image and validating it. If you do it out of self love and compassion, then you are doing out of love, and every action you take is validating your love for yourself. Move the way you want to, not because you have to. Give yourself a practical and loving way to manifest your intentions.

Feed Your Faith

Some things are out of your control, and that is when you leave it to your faith. When things aren’t working out or you don’t seem to be attracting what you’re setting out with your intentions, it is a time to take a step back and reflect. Have faith that everything is happening for you, not to you, and ask for clarity. If you truly think your intentions are aligned with your highest good, ask for energy and will to continue down your path of discovery.

This life is precious — live it to the absolute fullest. There are opportunities, energy, and tools around you constantly that will help push you into the amazing experience of life. Own your path, own yourself, and never forget that at any given moment, you can change everything.