What Does it Really Mean to Live a Magic Life?


This past week was the Priestess Convergence at the Goddess Temple where I serve. This is my fifth time sitting at my computer trying to put into words what I experienced. And nothing. I can’t get it out on paper. Whenever I’ve had a mystical, magical experience — I can’t put it in words. It seems to lose power for me. This isn’t a unique experience. Many faiths and traditions would translate their experiences into art rather than words. They let their divine experience flow through them abstractly, in code.

And that’s what we all do.

Whether your art is painting or crunching numbers, the way you live and what you set out becomes a transmission for others to download. You are a conduit for a divine message whenever you create. Imagine if you held this intention whenever you created anything — a birthday card, a dinner, a prayer, a space. Everything you do could be loaded with this energy.

You are constantly wielding power. And a lot of it. And comes out in every action you do. Whenever you feel powerless or like you have a lack of purpose — remember this. You’re constantly creating. Make it magical.

Setting out your magic this way becomes an act of faith. Faith that there is something higher that you’re working with, faith that you’re communicating in the perfect way, even if the message doesn’t seem to be coming out the way you hoped; and faith that whoever is receiving your messages will understand, and unlock whatever is perfect for them.

Suddenly, with this mindset, every single thing you do has purpose and power. The most mundane activities are magic. I am currently decking out the wooden spoon I cook with and my pen I write with by adding crystals, symbols, and gems and stones to them because they are my magic wands. Pure divinity flows through as I take notes or when I prepare the life-force that nourishes my loved ones and me. Then I get jazzed — love flows through me and goes into what I’m doing. I slow down. I listen. Then come up with new ideas, then more flow.

When words come up short, turn to these codes you set out. Let the hug you give someone be filled with divine energy and your protection. When you are looking someone in the eye, transmit your solid presence so they feel held. Be the conduit that takes this higher energy and grounds it in every earthly thing you do. Make your daily actions powerful spells with your intent.

What if priestessing, being a conduit, connecting with your higher force truly is in every single thing you do? What if you actually channeled the magic in the mundane and embraced the true divinity in being a creator/creatrix? We are all sacred artists, made in the likeness of this higher force.

In every single moment, every single day, there’s a choice to make it powerful. To make it magic. What do you choose?

You don’t need anything fancy to connect with your god/dess. You just need to say hello whenever you want to. Answer the metaphoric phone. Recognize the magic and connection that is always open and flowing to you and let it flow through you.

It is never far away.

Be conscious of the codes you’re setting out. Be aware of the divinity in each day. The magic in each moment. It’s these small, potent, precious experiences that make your mark.  So let us create with intention. Let’s weave a new way together.